Nelson Industrial's Collection Storage Cabinetry to House Over 2 Million Specimens at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, May 22, 2010 // - Nelson Industrial, a North American manufacturer of precision fabricated metal products, was selected by the University of British Columbia to create and supply almost 1,300 custom storage cabinets - of which there are 6 types and 7 sizes - for their new $50 million complex. The University of British Columbia is bringing together biodiversity research and natural history collections at their Point Grey campus - the Biodiversity Centre will encompass both the Biodiversity Research Centre and the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

Dr. Wayne Maddison, Museum Director and a Professor of Botany and Zoology explains that, "This was an extremely complex and challenging project, one that called for a particular blend of conservation and aesthetics made possible with Nelson Industrial's design capabilities. Throughout, Nelson proved to be really good at coming up with creative solutions to all kinds of unanticipated twists and turns. Working with a Canadian company very much facilitated our back and forth communications and that made for a solid, collaborative experience. This has been a project unlike any other and we're looking forward to sharing the results of all of our efforts."

Painstakingly designed to protect the collections from any agents of deterioration, Nelson Industrial's custom metal storage cabinetry is made using 100% recyclable metal, has mechanically attached, lockable gasketing (no adhesives) which forms an air tight seal and a zero VOC, powder-coated painted finish that is resistant to changes in relative humidity and meets the university's stringent requirements for conservation, preservation and archival storage for their wide-ranging specimens and divergent collections.

Nelson's Vice-President Jeff Nelson points out that, "Our cabinetry puts British Columbia's natural history in front of a public that will marvel at the over 2 million specimens of plants, insects, fish, vertebrates, fungi, and fossils now on display. Knowing UBC would embrace a collaborative design process, we were confident we could satisfy their expectations. This is the second largest project we've undertaken, the largest being the Greater Toronto Airport ceiling system. With the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, we've proven ourselves in the specialized field of collection storage cabinetry."

About Nelson Industrial

Since 1973 Nelson has been designing and manufacturing high quality, precision fabricated metal products for clients throughout North America and worldwide. Producing propriety and OEM products, their comprehensive range of standard and customized products is marketed through five divisions: access doors, architectural metals, automotive, contract manufacturing and storage products.

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