NE-Series Pool Packaged Dehumidifier comes in a 64 x 60 in. footprint.

Press Release Summary:

NE-Series Pool Packaged Dehumidifier is available in a capacity of 4,5,6,7, and 7 tons. Suitable for hotel, physical therapy room applications, unit is equipped with fully-dipped coils with an anti-corrosion coating. This product comes tight sealed doors, two in. double wall insulated cabinets and coated inner liner. Dehumidifier is integrated with fan motors, refrigerant pressure transducers and integral condenser. NE-Series is embedded with WebSentry® browser-based interface.

Original Press Release:

Seresco Introduces NE Series–Outdoor, an Indoor Pool Packaged Dehumidifier for Outdoor Placement

The NE Series–Outdoor offers a compact, lightweight affordable packaged unit solution designed with built-in safeguards against exposure to outside elements.

Seresco USA Inc., Decatur, Ga., the leading North American manufacturer of indoor pool mechanical dehumidifiers, introduces the NE-Series–Outdoor, a new generation of four to eight-ton packaged dehumidifiers. The NE Series–Outdoor offers the HVAC industry's most compact, lightest footprint and best built-in protection from exterior elements for environmental conditioning applications in hotel, physical therapy room and residential indoor pools.

The NE Series–Outdoor is 20-percent lighter and its small 64 x 60-inch footprint is 55-percent smaller than earlier NE Series generations and most other outdoor dehumidifier brand models with a similar capacity.

While most dehumidifier brands sell their same indoor units for external use with little or no modification, the Seresco NE Series–Outdoor is specifically designed, built and competitively-priced with the following exclusive features for withstanding outside element exposure:

  • Fully-dipped coils with anti-corrosion coating
  • tightly sealed doors with heavy-duty gaskets to protect against cold, heat, rain and snow infiltration
  • two-inch double wall insulated cabinets
  • service vestibule with easy accessibility, serviceability and component protection from the airstream
  • and a fully-coated inner liner.

The NE Series–Outdoor also includes operational features such as electronically commutated fan motors, refrigerant pressure transducers and a fully-modulating reheat control for maintaining the most stable temperature tolerance levels. Also standard on all models is Seresco's proprietary WebSentry®, a web browser-based interface technology that reports more than 60 operating parameters to authorized users' remote PCs or smart phones from the dehumidifier's on-board CommandCenter™ microprocessor-based monitor/controller.

Other features include:

  • light weight for indoor pool facility rooftops with limited load-bearing capacity
  • five models from 4,5,6,7, and 7 tons in the same compact footprint
  • the small footprint helps save valuable real estate when installed on grade level in cramped space areas
  • standard integral condenser
  • optional hot water or electric gas heat, unit mounted exhaust and roof curbs for down flow applications
  • and a two-year warranty that covers all parts.

For more information on Seresco USA Inc., and its indoor pool dehumidification equipment, please visit; email or call (770) 457-3392.

About Seresco: Seresco USA Inc., Decatur, Ga., is the U.S. subsidiary of Seresco Technologies Inc., which is headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario. Seresco specializes in commercial and residential indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers and other indoor air quality HVAC equipment that's sold through a manufacturer's representative network, and serviced and supported by factory-trained service technicians. For more information, please visit, email or call (770) 457-3392.

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