Nayatek Announces EMEA Release of Sunbelt Messaging Ninja V2.1 with New Multiple Disclaimer Functionality

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - 24 April 2007 - Nayatek announced today at Infosecurity Europe 2007 the official EMEA release of Sunbelt Messaging Ninja(TM) version 2.1, the all-in-one, best-of-breed email security product for Microsoft Exchange. New features in Ninja 2.1 include disclaimer functionality, an improved antispam engine for better spam detection, and console management enhancements. Messaging Ninja provides integrated antispam, antivirus, disclaimers, and attachment filtering with an extendable plug-in architecture. This provides organizations a single solution to combat today's messaging threats while extending email security functionality to protect against new messaging threats in the future.

"Adding multiple disclaimer functionality to Ninja helps administrators reduce the cost of having a separate disclaimer product, further increasing the value of Ninja," said Scott Lehmann, Vice President of Nayatek. "With Ninja 2.1, our Exchange customers continue to have advanced email management capabilities while also ensuring compliance with regulatory and corporate policies."

Server-based disclaimer functionality
Ninja's new disclaimer plug-in delivers functionality to include global and user-based disclaimers for all outbound email for Exchange 2000 and 2003. Administrators have the ability to configure policy-based disclaimers based on specific users, groups, domains, or public folders. User-based disclaimers enable users to adjust their disclaimer statements according to a specific user or department. Ninja also prevents multiple disclaimers when replying or forwarding and gives administrators the ability to allow users to bypass the disclaimer on a per email basis.

Additionally, disclaimer templates are included to allow easy set up of disclaimers using HTML or plain text. Template samples include legal disclaimers, virus warning disclaimers, copyright disclaimers, and more. New reports are also available that provide detailed information on the use of disclaimers within the organization.

Improved antispam engine from Cloudmark(TM).
For its antispam capabilities, Ninja uses two scanning engines: Cloudmark's and Sunbelt's, providing users with both a heuristic and signature-based approach. Version 2.1 includes the latest Cloudmark antispam engine with key enhancements that improve the detection of the latest spam variants including image spam. Additionally, administrators now have the ability to adjust the efficacy of spam detection while tuning the amount of resources available to the engine.

Enhanced management console
With improvements to Ninja's management console, new database management tools allow administrators to purge old records from existing databases and compress Microsoft Access databases to reduce file size. Enhanced proxy support has also been added for systems that utilize NTLM authentication.

Sunbelt Messaging Ninja is a true third-generation email security platform that provides a multi-layered, policy-based approach to protecting enterprises against email security threats. It is an extraordinarily powerful, easy to use, robust security solution, providing comprehensive protection against all email-borne threats including spam, phishing, and viruses. Sunbelt Messaging Ninja recently won the 2007 SC Magazine Readers Trust Award for Best Email Security Solution and is available for evaluation by EMEA clients via the Nayatek web site:

About Nayatek
Nayatek with its headquarters in Luxembourg with offices and field presence throughout EMEA is a global provider of enterprise Compliance and Security solutions designed to specifically assist organizations to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of their messaging and electronic document resources and to maintain objectively verifiable, robust procedures to comply with industry regulations.

Nayatek is the next genesis and continuation of the vision, energy and direction of the core international leadership team who previously built, grew and drove Sybari Software to be a recognized global best of breed and innovative company until its acquisition by Microsoft in June 2005. Nayatek brings substantial Messaging Security, Management and Archiving product and market development expertise to its drive to develop cutting edge solutions and dedication to strong client relationships and satisfaction.

About Sunbelt Software
Headquartered in Tampa Bay (Clearwater), Fla., Sunbelt Software was founded in 1994 and is a leading provider of Windows security software with product solutions in the areas of antispam and antivirus, antispyware, and vulnerability assessment. Leading products include the CounterSpy product line, Sunbelt Messaging Ninja and endpoint firewall technologies. The company is part of Sunbelt International Group, based in Paris, France


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