Navy Range Training Support Craft Equipped with Side-Power System from IMTRA

IMTRA Selected To Supply Hydraulic Thruster System To Deliver Maximum Thrust With Minimal Input Horsepower

New Bedford, Mass. – IMTRA, the leading manufacturer and importer of quality marine products, announced today its Side-Power SH1000 thruster system has been installed on the fourth hull of the 114-foot U.S. Navy Range Training Support Craft (RTSC-110). Selected to replace another supplier used on the previous three builds, IMTRA worked with Florida-based naval architecture firm DeJong & Lebet and San Diego builder Marine Group Boat Works, LLC to determine ideal size requirements for a system optimized for the RTSC-110. The result is a much easier-to-install solution that requires less space and a thruster system that uses 15% less power all while matching the previous system’s actual thrust.

"Challenging projects such as this one from the Navy are where IMTRA really shines," said Phil Whittaker, product manager, IMTRA. "We do not simply stock product and ship it out the door; our sales and support teams are adept at understanding customers’ needs and developing the best solutions. We are happy we could help the Navy and Marine Group Boat Works by designing an easy to install Side-Power system that matched the thrust of the previous product but required much less power draw."

"The Navy needed a reliable solution and IMTRA delivered with the Side-Power system," said Todd Roberts, president, Marine Group Boat Works. "For a sophisticated piece of technology, its design is really quite simple. Installation was easy, we simply dropped in the system, ran the hydraulic and power lines, and the system was up and running."

Side-Power hydraulic thruster systems from IMTRA are designed to maximize performance and efficiency. The SH1000 thruster used in the RTSC installation offers 100% performance with engines at idle speed, and is ideally suited for commercial and recreational vessels ranging in size from 100 feet to 140 feet. Features include a thruster unit with bronze skew back counter-rotating propellers that provide high thrust while reducing noise, a compact and pre-assembled hydraulic tank with integrated cooling that minimizes installation complexity, dual load sensing pumps for redundancy and efficiency and four joysticks that each provide proportional control of the thruster. Side-Power thruster systems are available in hydraulic and AC models, and are protected by a 2-year warranty from date of handover.


For more information about Side-Power products from IMTRA, IMTRA or its entire product line, please contact 508-995-7000 or visit our public website at

About IMTRA:

IMTRA, based in New Bedford, Massachusetts, is an importer and manufacturer of high quality consumer marine products, advanced LED solutions and integrated marine systems, as well as a key supplier to the OEM and aftermarket. With over 60 years in the marine business, IMTRA has sales and support teams in 10 regions throughout North America. The company’s extensive product knowledge is available to its customers through a renowned full-service department and professional customer service group. Product categories include Lighting, Thrusters, Stabilizers, Anchoring Systems, Wipers, Antennas, Gangways and other specialty products. In addition to their own proprietary products, Imtra represents well-known international brands that include Side-Power, NorSap, Vimar, Lofrans, Muir, Exalto and many more.

Peter Kilgore

VP Marketing


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