Natural Gas Vapor Recovery Unit promotes compliance, ROI.

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Vapor recovery system alternative (VRSA) is designed for effective and reliable capture of tank vapors. Virtually eliminating flaring and venting, scalable system monitors and controls compressor, tank, and process. Capture of rich vapors helps increase operator profits while eliminating known emissions associated with natural gas production. System can also produce ROI on well pads producing as low as 50 Bbl of condensate per day.

Original Press Release:

Reliable Natural Gas VRU Alternative Proves Profitable

Houston TX- The Engineered Concepts, LLC new vapor recovery system alternative (VRSA) provides a quick return on operator's investment even with today's low natural gas prices by effectively and reliably capturing tank vapors. The patent pending system monitors and controls the compressor, the tank and the process resulting in a virtual elimination of flaring and venting. Over 10 systems have been in operation for over a year without any mechanical problems. "Oxygen problems, compressor issues, frequent venting, flaring, and constant maintenance associated with earlier VRU systems have been addressed and corrected in our patent pending design. We offer free process modeling as well as a guarantee on our VRSA installations," states engineering at Engineered Concepts.

In the majority of VRSA installations, the capture of rich vapors have paid for the unit's cost in less than one year at $4.00 natural gas prices. The VRSA is scalable and can produce a fast return on investment on well pads producing as low as 50 Bbl of condensate per day. VRSA systems for smaller condensate volumes are currently under test as well as a new system that addresses vapor losses through the thief hatch.

The manufacturer claims that with the current scrutiny of green house gasses, the VRSA and other Engineered Concepts technologies are a win-win solutions because they increases operator profits significantly, while eliminating the well known emissions associated with natural gas production. For more information e-mail:

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