National to Introduce Cracker/Snack Textures and Clean Label Beverage Emulsifier at IFT

Company expands its strong platforms in texture capabilities and clean-label ingredients

BRIDGEWATER, NJ, June 18, 2008 - At the upcoming IFT Food Expo in New Orleans, June 29-July 1, National Starch will introduce two new initiatives in Booth 3319 that will benefit both the snack and beverage industries.

For the snack segment, National will showcase its range of snack texturizers that can be used to create a desired texture in a baked cracker or fabricated snack chip, ranging from delicate and crispy to bold and crunchy, including a new and differentiated "in-between" texture region, that National has coined as Crinchy(TM) textures.

National has combined its world-class sensory capabilities, formulation expertise and process understanding to identity and document the factors critical for producing a satisfying snap or crunch for consumers. The sensory team has analyzed basic consumer descriptors, such as "crispy" and "crunchy," and translated them into a language that National's food formulators can act upon - factors such as hardness and fracturability and duration of sound - to produce winning formulations for its customers.

Using National's portfolio of snack and cracker texturizers, the application team has produced a broad range of textures that are ideal for sheeted baked crackers and fabricated chips. These textures can be applied to products that address a range of market needs - gourmet and indulgent or healthy and "better-for-you" selections. National will showcase several of these new textures in baked crackers and fabricated chips in Booth 3319.

Baked cracker prototypes will be served with an ultra-creamy goat cheese spread, garnished with candied walnuts and dried fig. The chip prototypes will be accompanied by a reduced-fat, cool dill ranch dip. Both the spread and dip feature ingredients and texturizing systems selected from National's portfolio of creamy texturants.

National will also be debuting its newest clean-label ingredient, Q-Naturale(TM) quillaja for beverage emulsification in sparkling beverages, new-age beverages, fortified waters and juices. Q-Naturale emulsifier is an organic, sustainable product produced by Desert King, Chile, which has a solid reputation for serving the U.S. market with its natural ingredients.

Q-Naturale has excellent emulsification properties, including the ability to create high oil load emulsions. It is delivered as an easy-handling liquid that is formulation friendly and quickly hydrates and disperses. Additionally, the new emulsifier provides long-term cold temperature and pH stability. It is FDA approved/GRAS and also organic certified. At IFT, Q-Naturale will be showcased in a peach honey orange blossom beverage fortified with National's NUTRIOSE® soluble fiber. The beverage will also be served at National's Healthy Food Ingredients Pavilion booth, #5142.

National Starch Food Innovation is a leading global supplier of nature-based functional and nutritional ingredient solutions to the food and beverage industries. The company has a strong focus on delivering innovation to meet market and consumer trends in wholesome and natural, texture, nutrition, wellness, vitality and targeted delivery solutions. This vision combined with an extensive, award-winning product range, market knowledge and technical expertise makes National Starch Food Innovation a partner of choice for the next generation of food producers. For more information, visit

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