National Semiconductor Introduces Industry's Lowest Power Serial Digital Interface Products

Six new high-definition and standard-definition SDI products for the professional broadcast video market

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF BROADCASTERS CONVENTION, LAS VEGAS, Nevada - April 19, 2006 - National Semiconductor Corporation (NYSE:NSM) today introduced six serial digital interface (SDI) products for professional broadcast video applications. The new products each represent unique industry firsts, including the smallest and lowest power high-definition/standard definition (HD/SD) reclocker, the first dual HD/SD cable driver and the lowest jitter HD/SD multi-rate serializer. National has optimized all of these new SDI products to perform to Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) standards, which demand ultra-clean, low-jitter signal transmission.

In a tiny package that is one-third the size of competitors' solutions, National's new LMH0046 is the industry's smallest and lowest power 3.3V HD/SD reclocker. It leverages an ultra-clean data recovery technique to reduce jitter on incoming data streams. Dual-differential reclocked outputs and an optional low-jitter data-rate clock maximize designer flexibility. A single 27 MHz reference and externally terminated inputs that allow for much smaller AC coupling capacitors contribute to system cost savings.

National's LMH0202 is the industry's first dual HD/SD multi-rate cable driver. Packaged in a small TSSOP, the LMH0202 consumes approximately the same board area as a single cable driver in an 8-pin SOIC package. By replacing two single cable drivers with one LMH0202, designers can reduce chip count, conserve board area, shorten trace lengths and lower system cost.

In addition, National expands its adaptive cable equalizer family with the introduction of two new SMPTE-compliant equalizers. The LMH0024 is the industry's lowest-power SD adaptive cable equalizer, with 25 percent lower power consumption than competitors' products. The LMH0044 is the industry's lowest power multi-rate adaptive cable equalizer in a very small LLP® package.

Other new products include the industry's lowest jitter HD/SD serializer and an industrial-strength HD-SDI cable driver.

Fjord Media, a maker of advanced systems for multi-format routing, optical transport, signal processing and distribution, selected National's serial digital interface products for Fjord's Free-4 open standard platform video routers. "It was important to us that the vendor provides a complete HD and SD video portfolio and offer strong support," said Geir Thomassen, director of technology with Fjord Media. "National's HD/SD adaptive cable equalizers and drivers enable our video routers to achieve lower power, industry-leading return loss and excellent signal integrity."

Technical Features of the LMH0046 HD/SD Reclocker

National's LMH0046, a SMPTE 292M/259M compliant reclocker, automatically detects and re-times the incoming data stream to suppress accumulated jitter. Features include 0.6 unit interval minimum jitter tolerance, lock detect, manual rate select, LVPECL serial inputs and outputs, auto/manual bypass, and an output mute function for data and clock. The 20-pin TSSOP package employs innovative exposed die attached pad (DAP) technology for an excellent electrical ground connection and added thermal protection. Typical power consumption for the LMH0046 from a single 3.3V supply is 330 mW, nearly half that of competitive solutions.

For more information on the LMH0046 or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit

Technical Features of the LMH0202 Dual HD-SD Cable Driver

National's LMH0202 dual HD/SD cable driver accepts either two independent differential inputs or a single externally routed input. It provides excellent output return loss, tight zero-crosspoint wander and low power consumption. From a single 3.3V supply, the LMH0202 consumes 250 mW of power in SD mode and 298 mW in HD mode. The LMH0202 is available in a space-saving 16-pin TSSOP package.

For more information on the LMH0202 or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit

Technical Features of the LMH0024 SD and LMH0044 HD/SD Adaptive Cable Equalizers

Packaged in a 16-pin SOIC, National's LMH0024 is the lowest power SMPTE compliant SD adaptive cable equalizer in the industry. It supports SMPTE 259M/344M standards and consumes just 198 mW typical power from a single 3.3V supply. For more information on the LMH0024 or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit

National's LMH0044 is a multi-rate SMPTE 292M/259M adaptive cable equalizer in a tiny 16-pin LLP package. It receives and equalizes cable lengths in excess of 140 meters of Belden 1694A cable at 1.5 Gbps and greater than 350 meters at 270 Mbps. The LMH0044 consumes 208 mW of typical power from a 3.3V supply. For more information on the LMH0044 or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit

Technical Features of the LMH0002T HD/SD Cable Driver

Packaged in an 8-pin SOIC, National's LMH0002T is the first multi-rate cable driver offered in a -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C industrial temperature range. The LMH0002T boasts industry-leading output return loss, low additive jitter of 18 ps (SD) and 22 ps (HD), and low power consumption of 125 mW (SD) and 149 mW (HD).

For more information on the LMH0002T or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit

Technical Features of the LMH0030 Digital Video Serializer

Packaged in a 64-pin TQFP, National's LMH0030 is the industry's lowest-jitter SMPTE-compliant HD/SD serializer, with 85 ps typical and 125 ps maximum of output jitter. The full-featured, multi-rate serializer offers a proprietary color bar test pattern generator, ancillary data FIFO and low power consumption of 430 mW typical at 3.3V. The LMH0030 requires no external VCO. It derives its reference frequency from the incoming data stream to reduce design complexity and lower bill of materials.

For more information on the LMH0030 or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit

About National's Interface Products

National Semiconductor, the LVDS technology innovator and market leader, offers a wide range of interconnect solutions that transfer high-speed digital signals using world-class analog technology. These solutions help system designers develop high-performance applications in a variety of markets, including communication and industrial systems. The products feature high reliability, low power and low noise, and dramatic systems savings in cable and connector costs. National Semiconductor is the world's largest supplier of high-speed LVDS products, according to Databean's 2005 Analog IC Market Share survey. For more information on National's interface products, visit

Pricing and Availability

Available now, the LMH0202 costs $9.63, the LMH0024 costs $12.44, the LMH0044 costs $22.97, the LMH0002T costs $7.66 and the LMH0030 costs $24.88, each in quantities of 1,000. Evaluation boards are also available.

The LMH0046 costs $23.93 each in quantities of 1,000 and samples will be available in Q3 2006.

About National Semiconductor

National Semiconductor, the industry's premier analog company, creates high-value analog devices and subsystems. National's leading-edge products include power management circuits, display drivers, audio and operational amplifiers, communication interface products and data conversion solutions. National's key analog markets include wireless handsets, displays and a variety of broad electronics markets, including medical, automotive, industrial, and test and measurement applications. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, National reported sales of $1.91 billion for fiscal 2005, which ended May 29, 2005. Additional company and product information is available at

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