NAS Server includes GPS or time synchronization features.

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Designed with GPS, IRIG timing/atomic time generator or receiver, iS900 iSCSI NAS Server (expandable to 24 TB) provides continuous worldwide coverage for navigation and time frequency users. It supports RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 5, and 50 and built-in encrypted remote data transfer. Featuring 600-1200 W hot-swappable power supplies for clustering, server provides continuous data availability, remote data replication, backup and bare metal recovery, and remote boot over IP network.

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Cepoint Upgrades Enterprise NAS Storage Time Sever with GPS or Atomic Time Synchronizer

Nashua, NH 03060. Cepoint Networks, a leading manufacturer of Time synchronization servers and storage systems this month launched its iS900 iSCSI NAS storage system with GPS or atomic time synchronization features. The storage/Time server system which is expandable to 24TB is designed with embedded GPS, IRIG (Inter Range Radio International Group) timing or precise atomic time generator or receiver that enables synchronized, precise back-up timing for companies or organizations with geographically disparate storage locations that need to be all backed-up at a precise set time.

This system provides continuous worldwide coverage for navigation as well as for time frequency users. By observing at least four satellites simultaneously, a GPS receiver can automatically determine its own location and time by using trilateration or triangulation techniques. Each satellite broadcast almanac, ephemeris, time and status. The Almanac is a collection of orbital information of all the satellite so a GPS receiver can efficiently know what satellite to look for and track. The ephemeris data is a precise set of parameters of the respective transmitting satellite that allows accurate determination of the satellite's position at a point in time.

Both the U.S. Naval Observatory and GPS monitoring stations throughout the world monitor each satellite's time and position Continuously and provide this information to the GPS Master Control at Shriever Air Force Base in Colorado. Corrections are uploaded to every satellite as a result of these measurements at least once a day. CEPOINT's GPS satellite system is An excellent provider of precise position, velocity and time (PVT) to commercial and military users. Synchronized atomic Clocks are at the core of the GPS system, fundamental to its operation and enable the determination of precise UTC time and location by GPS receivers.

CePoint's iS900 iSCSI SAN has been optimized to meet and surpass those challenges facing IT departments in their effort to integrate best storage management solution for safe and secure Data protection, Data Backup and Disaster recovery. In addition to the time synchronization functions, The system supports RAID levels 0, 1, 10, 5, 50 and built-in encrypted remote data transfer features, manageable from authorized remote client via secure connection implementation that uses RSA SecureID, and IPSec features, remote Boot over IP network and high performance and interoperable in an Gigabit Ethernet environment.

iS900 advantages includes continuous data availability, Clustering, Remote data Replication, Backup and bare metal recovery, Remote boot over IP network, Backup and base metal recovery at a precise programmed timing for companies or organizations with storage locations in different time zones.

Other features include Redundant, hot-swappable power supplies and fault-tolerant features suitable for clustering in enterprise computing environment are included. The system complements the company's other high availability RAID storage, NAS, SAN, SCSI RAID servers, SATA and Fibre Channel RAID solutions for Real-Time data access, audio/video online streaming, data storage widely used in telephony and telecommunications enterprise applications. iS900 iSCSI SAN system version is crafted with excellent cooling systems, dual hot-swappable (600-1200 watts ) redundant power supplies, and RAID levels 0, 1, 5, 10, 50 and JBOD. Its blazing performance and reliability makes it excellent for wide range of enterprise computing such as data warehousing and disk-to-disk--tape data back-up, and database management applications where 24 x 7 mission-critical operations is important.

The iSCSI-900 Enterprise storage system is compatible with Microsoft's iSCSI initiator and Windows 2003 Server. Supports multiple operating systems such as; SuSE Enterprise Linux, MandrakeSoft, Red Hat Linux 6.2 or later, HP-UX 11.0 or later, IBM AIX 4.3.3 or later, Microsoft Windows 2000 / NT4.0/XP/Me, 95/98, Apple Mac OS 8.0 or later, UnixWare 7.1.1, SCO Open Server 5.0.5, SunSoft Solaris 7, making the system the most adaptable SAN storage solutions for most near Real-Time enterprise computing, video streaming, database, telephony and VoIP applications in Windows, Linux, or Unix environments.

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