Nanofiber Technology promotes process control, durability.

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NANOWEB® Advanced Nanofiber Technology allows fiber diameter distribution and layer thickness to be formulated for optimal performance across air filtration media, liquid filtration media, and performance barrier nonwoven applications. Featuring microporous structure, NANOWEB fibers typically range from 0.3-0.5 microns in size but can be increased up to 1 micron. Nanofiber layer can have thickness from 15-30 microns, and second layer can be applied with similar or different polymer.

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H&V Introduces NANOWEB® Advanced Nanofiber Technology for Air Filtration, Liquid Filtration, and Performance Barrier Nonwoven Applications

EAST WALPOLE, MASS. - December 10, 2008 - Hollingsworth & Vose Company (H&V), a leading supplier of engineered papers and nonwovens, has introduced its NANOWEB® Advanced Nanofiber Technology. Developed with H&V's HVisionTM technology platform, the material sets a new performance standard for a broad array of air filtration media, liquid filtration media, and performance barrier nonwoven applications.

"H&V's new NANOWEB technology provides a microporous structure with unparalleled process control and durability. The fiber diameter distribution and layer thickness can be formulated to deliver greater performance across many applications," said David von Loesecke, Vice President and General Manager of H&V's Engine & Industrial Filtration.

NANOWEB fibers typically range from 0.3 to 0.5 microns in size, but can be increased up to 1 micron. The nanofiber layer can have a thickness ranging from 15 to 30 microns. A second layer can be applied with a similar or different polymer.

NANOWEB media can be supplied as a coating to any nonwoven base, including glass, cellulose, or synthetic fibers - or as a standalone substrate. When supplied as a standalone substrate, NANOWEB media has a thickness of 100 to 200 microns.

The potential applications of NANOWEB technology are virtually unlimited:

o Air Filter Media - NANOWEB technology can greatly improve the performance of filter media's ability to remove particulates from air streams. It can be incorporated in a variety of applications, including dust collectors, gas turbines, motorized vehicle cabins, computer disk drives, HVAC, and high-efficiency filtration. Its strong nanofiber layer adhesion also makes the technology ideal for pulse-cleaning applications.

o Liquid Filter Media - NANOWEB media's synthetic composition delivers improved efficiency and a more durable nanofiber option for fuel and lube filtration. NANOWEB technology also meets the advanced microfiltration needs of RO and UF membrane prefiltration in liquid service applications such as life sciences, food and beverage, and process liquid filtration. H&V's NANOWEB technology offers an average of 40% higher porosity for a given micron rating when compared to standard product offerings.

o Performance Barrier Nonwoven - The microporous structure created with H&V's NANOWEB technology is ideal for enhancing the insulative and barrier properties of many high-performance barrier applications, including thermal or acoustical insulation, hypoallergenic bedding, waterproof breathable fabrics, and energy storage.

"H&V's new NANOWEB Advanced Nanofiber Technology is highly customizable and offers improved material processability and longer life," said von Loesecke. "It has superior chemical compatibility with no extractables or leachables, achieves advanced efficiency for greater performance with total cost reduction, and increases energy savings."

The HVision technology platform is a collaborative process designed to enhance the development and commercialization of breakthrough materials that exceed present industry performance benchmarks. This R&D platform provides customers with innovative products that offer new standards of excellence for the performance characteristics that matter most, accelerating product development cycles and improving quality.

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Hollingsworth & Vose Company (, established in 1843, is a global leader in the supply of technically advanced filtration media, battery separator materials and industrial nonwovens. The company operates manufacturing sites and research centers in the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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