Nano System to Showcase Advanced UV/CO2 Laser Drill at APEX EXPO

Milpitas, CA – Nano System Incorporated will be showcasing their new UV/CO2 machine at the IPC APEX EXPO in Las Vegas.  The Model NS1-3228-UC2 machine is equipped with a CO2  laser of the latest technology with over 3kW peak power and a 20 watt UV DPSS laser. It features Nano Systems leading edge motion control system, Vector Force Dynamics™ (VFD™), which delivers fast and accurate routing and drilling of features with complex process tool paths.  Linear motor driven XY stages are featured along with a 28" x 32" panel area and a camera integrated into the laser head coaxially for increased vision speed and greater image position accuracy.

The demand for smaller and smaller laser formed microvias is causing a shift away from pure CO2 to UV DPSS lasers or combination tools such as the Model NS1-3228-UC2 dual laser system. Historically UV laser drilling has utilized trepanning motion using a tightly focused laser spot size of 1 micron or smaller. These UV lasers do not have the pulse energy or frequency to utilize percussion drilling for greater productivity. The new NSI machine has a beam shaping UV system that delivers flat-top energy distribution across the laser beam face allowing percussion drilling on HDI boards with high through-put and vias down to 50 micron diameter or smaller. In addition, the standard X-Y platform upon which the laser delivery systems are mounted provides upgrading or changing lasers as technology advances without replacing the entire machine thus reducing future capital outlays.  

Members of the Nano System team will be on hand to give live demonstrations of the UV/CO2 laser drill on the show floor during IPC APEX EXPO (Booth #244) at the Las Vegas Convention Center from March 15th – 17, 2016.

About Nano System

Nano System Inc. designs and manufactures standard and customized laser drilling and routing systems at their facility in Manchester, NH. Nano System Inc. is also the North American distributor for Tongtai Machine Tool of Taiwan, the leading manufacturer of mechanical CNC machine tools in Asia for the PCB and other industries.  For more information on Nano System's products and services or to schedule an evaluation of a Series NS1-3200 laser machine, contact Sam Sekine, President of Nano System, at More information is available at:

Osamu (Sam) Sekine

Nano System, Inc.

Phone: 408-935-2271

Mobile: 408-393-7992

446 South Hillview Ave.

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