NanaWall Hurricane-Resistant SL73 Performs Beyond Miami-Dade AAMA Certification

Key features such as reinforced structural posts provide unparalleled strength

SAN FRANCISCO - JANUARY 16, 2018 - NanaWall Systems, the pioneer of the opening glass wall category, announces the NanaWall SL73 as one of the industry’s toughest hurricane-resistant folding systems. The glass walls feature reinforced structural posts (or astragals) down each panel side that enable the SL73 to meet and exceed Miami-Dade AAMA certification requirements.

“As homeowners are looking to rebuild after such an intense hurricane season, builders and architects are looking for glass wall systems that can withstand future storms,” said NanaWall CEO Ebrahim Nana. “Miami-Dade County certification is just the starting point for NanaWall, and the SL73 far exceeds those standards to ensure safety, security and structural performance.”

Available for residential and commercial applications, the SL73 allows homeowners and business owners in hurricane-prone areas to enjoy their views while remaining safe and dry. It received high ratings on both static and dynamic pressure water resistance tests, and is tested to demanding standards for preventing water, wind and debris from entering the building—not only at the ground level, but up to 15 stories. Its performance is due to several key factors:

  • Reinforced structural posts: With reinforced vertical posts (or astragals) down each panel side for added performance, the glass walls pivot on and are hinged to either side of the vertical post providing strength against high winds and water.
  • Multipoint Locking System: NanaWall’s multi-point locking system includes top and bottom locking rods that securely lock into the upper and lower frame with polyamide capped locking rods to prevent vandalism and burglary once cleanup efforts are underway.
  • A floor supported system: Using gravity as an advantage, the floor supported system leverages extra stability to withstand hurricane force winds.
  • Raised floor sills: High performance raised sills are the most weather resistant sill and prevent both static and dynamic water penetration, also yielding higher pressure ratings against heavy wind loads.
  • Combats wind and rain: Specialized seals and panel design provide superior wind and rain resistance, while the engineered sills resist wind-driven water from entering the home or business.

Due to the attributes above, the SL73 scored high in tests developed for windows and doors by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association and Miami-Dade County, Florida.

For more information about the NanaWall SL73, please visit the blog post “Rebuilding After a Hurricane.”

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