Naltex® Extruded Netting Utilized in an Award-Winning Outdoor Installation

Naltex® Extruded Netting Utilized in an award-winning outdoor installation
in the P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center Courtyard

MIDDLETOWN, DE (July 14, 2006) - DelStar Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that OBRA Architects, a New York City based firm, selected Naltex netting as the primary shade cover in BEATFUSE!, their award-winning outdoor installation for the Seventh Annual Young Architects Program, organized by The Museum of Modern Art and P.S.1
Contemporary Art Center.

Custom-designed Naltex polyethylene netting serves as a shade cover over the largest of three outdoor spaces. This tepidarium encompasses seven curved, interconnected shells made of plywood in a triangular shaped courtyard which is home to the critically acclaimed Warm Up summer music series.

The Naltex mesh, cut into hexagonal sheets, covers the open plywood structure. Each "scale" spans three to five feet and is attached in only one location, allowing it to flex under windy conditions. One of OBRA's principals, Jennifer Lee,
declares the mesh "created a certain level of shade to counteract sun in an outdoor environment and offered a moiré effect with layering that was an added, incredible phenomenon." After working with the Naltex mesh throughout installation, Lee says that, "the Naltex mesh perfectly suited our application because of its rigidity and openness. This wonderful combination of qualities allowed it to span a particular
distance and be lightweight."

The Naltex polypropylene sheets were customized specifically for the OBRA Architects project. The Naltex sales team worked closely with OBRA's designers to ensure their needs were understood and to create product specifications suitable for their temporary outdoor application. More importantly, they made recommendations to assist them with keeping to their allotted design budget.

Specific considerations were made to ensure the UV-stabilized mesh could withstand up to one year in an outdoor environment. Plus, the product was supplied in custom-sized sheets that could be easily handled and converted into the hexagonal shaped scales needed for OBRA's design. The OBRA construction team found this decision to be a critical time saver, and they were pleased to have easily completed the entire installation in time for the June 22 public opening.

DelStar Technologies was pleased that Lee felt it was "a pleasure to find DelStar to work with," and that she found the sales team was "helpful in terms of resolving needs." She also noted that, "it was great that DelStar is flexible and willing to customize, which opens a wide range of opportunities for designers." DelStar Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Middletown, DE, has manufacturing operations at that location, as well as in Austin, TX, Richland, PA, El Cajon, CA, and Suzhou, China. DelStar Technologies also has international sales offices in Bristol, England and Shanghai, China.

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