Nailer allows framing and metal connecting applications.

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Equipped with push-button trip mechanism, N88RH-2MCN two-in-one framing nailer switches from framing trip to metal connector trip in seconds. Unit offers magnesium alloy construction, driving force of 1,000 lb-in., molded rubber grip, and 360°, adjustable exhaust. With metal connecting trip, nailer accommodates 1 ½-2 ½ in. by .131-.162 metal connecting nails. When set up with framing trip, nailer drives 2-3 ½ in. by .113-.162 framing nails.

Original Press Release:

Stanley-Bostitch Delivers the Best of Both Worlds with the N88RH-2MCN Two-in-One Framing Nailer

Only Nailer to Allow Both Standard Framing and Metal Connecting Nailing With Just One Tool

SUMMARY: Stanley-Bostitch introduces the innovative N88RH-2MCN two-in-one framing nailer that allows both standard framing and metal connecting applications. The patented push-button trip mechanism allows the user to switch from the standard framing trip to the metal connector trip in seconds. This framing nailer system delivers versatility, utility and money savings to the professional builder as it eliminates the need to purchase and carry an extra tool. The N88RH-2MCN combines the features pros have come to expect from Stanley-Bostitch including lightweight magnesium alloy housing, 1,000 inch lbs. of driving power and the highest power-to-weight ratio in its class.

Las Vegas, Nevada, January 21, 2003 - Who says you need to carry around both framing and metal connecting nailers in your truck? Stanley-Bostitch, a product group of The Stanley Works (NYSE: SWK), dismisses this misconception, introducing the innovative N88RH-2MCN two-in-one framing nailer that performs both framing and metal connecting tasks. The patented push-button trip mechanism allows the nailer to transform from a metal connecting nailer to a standard framing nailer in seconds. The Bostitch® N88RH-2MCN framing nailer system delivers versatility, utility and economy as it eliminates the need to purchase and carry around two pneumatic tools to the job site.

Until now, most framing contractors had to hand nail or use either a palm nailer or a specific metal connector nailer for jobs that use metal connectors and then use a totally different tool for regular framing jobs. The N88RH-2MCN comes factory-equipped with the metal connector trip installed on the nailer. This trip is specifically designed to help the user line up the holes in metal connectors and accurately set the fastener even when nailing in tight angles. When standard framing is needed, a simple push of the button allows the user to slide the metal connecting trip out and insert the standard framing trip in just a few seconds.

"The patented push-button technology gives us the advantage of being able to create a tool that's more than just a framing nailer, it's a complete framing nailer system" said Chris Dutra, Pneumatic Product Manager for Stanley Fastening Systems. "When you have a great tool such as the N88RH, with its lightweight design and powerful driving force, it's more sensible to create a tool that allows builders to do more tasks with the same tool, therefore increasing the tool's utility and eliminating the need to purchase another $400 nailer."

The N88RH-2MCN has the same combination of lightweight design and powerful engine found in the Bostitch® N88RH clipped head stick framing nailer. Magnesium alloy construction delivers a tool weighing only 7.9 pounds making this pneumatic nailer one of the lightest round head framing nailers available in the industry. With an incredible driving system, the nailer also offers 1,000-inch pounds of driving force giving this tool the highest power-to-weight ratio of all framing nailers. The nailer's lightweight design, powerful engine and ability to drive full round head framing nails makes it ideal for building with engineered lumber and drives into laminated beams with ease.

Ergonomically designed for improved comfort, convenience and productivity, the Bostitch® N88RH-2MCN has a unique combination of features. The tool offers a "no tools required", 360-degree, adjustable exhaust that is useful when working with someone else on the job site. The exhaust deflector is highly durable and designed for heavy-duty abuse also allowing minimal dust and/or debris to be blown in their direction. For excellent comfort, the N88RH-2MCN features a molded rubber grip designed to last the life of the tool.

With the metal connecting trip installed the nailer can accommodate 1½" to 2½" by .131 to .162 metal connecting nails and when set up with the framing trip the nailer is capable of driving 2" to 3½" by .113 to .162 framing nails. The Bostitch® N88RH-2MCN has a suggested retail price of $329 and is available wherever Stanley-Bostitch fastening products are sold.

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