MX-1100 Microgauge Off-Line Thickness Gauge

o Easy, Error-Free Operation

Three modes of operation: Operate as a stand-alone, manual system, or operate in Digital/Software mode using either a Statistical Ticket Printer, or with Statistical Quality Control Software to automatically display profile graphics and calculate data statistics.

o Offering Discrete Point Testing and Profiling

The MX-1100 offers discrete point testing with the measurement head automatically cycling up and down for point-to-point testing. Other models available for discrete or point-to-point testing for spot-checking material thickness, or for thickness profiling.

o Affordable

Best of all, the MX Series is economically priced.

o Expandable; Industry-Leading Software

Portable and expandable with optional software, ticket printers, statistical ticket printers, and computer systems.

A ticket printer or computer is required for operation in the Digital/Software mode.

Windows(TM) 95/98/NT/2000/XP-based advanced software for display/hard-copy reporting of statistical and graphical analysis of thickness data including high, low, average, standard deviation, and data count values.

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