Munters Indirect Air-Side Economizer Units Installed on Australian Data Center

A major data center in Sydney, Australia is now equipped with 44 rooftop units from Munters to achieve optimum infrastructure conditions.

Forty Indirect Air-Side Economizer (IASE) cooling units that feature Munters polymer tube air-to-air heat exchangers provide efficient heat rejection in both dry (winter mode) and wet conditions (summer indirect evaporative cooling mode). Munters also provided four ventilation/humidity control units that ensure proper indoor air quality by introducing fresh outdoor air, controlling room dew point by dehumidifying or humidifying, and maintaining a slight positive pressure in the data center.

Munters IASE heat rejection units include on-board refrigeration to supplement the heat exchanger (HX) cooling as required. Based on the data center operating conditions, the HX will provide 100% of the cooling for almost 70% of annual hours in the mild Sydney environment. The units are predicted to have an annual SEER of just over 40. The equipment includes industrial grade controls for reliable performance and integration with the Building Management System (BMS).

Munters began production of these units in April 2011 at its Buena Vista, Va., factory. The first units rolled off the assembly line for shipment in May. In addition to designing and manufacturing the equipment, Munters provided total project support through factory performance testing, project management, shipping coordination, onsite assembly assistance, and start-up/commissioning support.

About Munters

Munters is a global leader in energy efficient air treatment solutions based on expertise in humidity and climate control technologies. Customers are served in a wide range of segments, and manufacturing and sales are carried out via the Group's own companies in about 30 countries. The Group has close to 2,200 employees and annual net sales of about SEK 3.7 billion. Munters is owned by Nordic Capital Fund VII.


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