Multitest Announces OTA Testing Solution for 60 GHz UltraGig Single-Chip Integrated Antenna in Package

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Multitest’s Over-the-Air Solution integrates xWave OTA Contactor with xWave patch antenna. xWave OTA Contactors can be used for testing of 76-81 GHz AiP automotive radar devices and 5G applications at 28 GHz and 39 GHz. The unit uses patented hybrid contacting technology that optimizes RF performance in cmWave and mmWave devices. The Contactors feature embedded patch antennas and coplanar waveguides for wireless and wired communication.

Original Press Release:

Over-the-Air (OTA) Integrated Test Solution for Antenna in Package (AiP) 5G, Auto Radar, and Wifi Devices to > 81GHz Xcerra Combines Innovative Contacting Technology with Reliable Test Handling Solution

St. Paul, MN (USA), May 2018: Multitest recently delivered a production interface solution to a customer for OTA testing of a 60 GHz UltraGig single-chip integrated Antenna in Package (AiP). The solution integrates the xWave OTA Contactor with xWave patch antenna in the MT2168XT leadbacker.

This integration of an OTA patch antenna into the leadbacker of a production pick and place handler is believed to be the first in the industry. This solution offers a unique and reliable production solution testing an AiP device with 60 GHz RF signals both radiating out of an antenna array in the lid and connected through the ball grid array. It leverages knowledge on RF signal integrity and the ability to integrate this interface solution into a state-of-the art test handler for high volume production. In this application an OTA manual actuator clone of the handler leadbacker was also provided to accelerate test program debug activities.

xWave OTA Contactors have also been used for testing of 76-81 GHz AiP automotive radar devices and are being designed for 5G applications at 28 GHz and 39 GHz. Radiation patterns and directivity vary by application out the top, sides and/or bottom of the AIP.

Dan Campion, Director of Business Development for the Interface Products Group, comments: “Combining the expertise of engineering teams in the Interface Product Group, Handler Group, and Tester Group allows Xcerra to offer fully integrated production OTA solutions for leading edge 5G, Automotive Radar, and Wifi AiP applications. This capability provides confidence for our customers and reduces their time to market when they ramp these advanced AiP applications to high volume production.”

The xWave contactor utilizes patented hybrid contacting technology to optimize RF performance and provide robustness for production testing of the most challenging cmWave and mmWave devices. Inside the xWave contactor are embedded patch antennas and coplanar waveguides for both wireless and wired communication.

According to Jason Mroczkowski Director of RF Product Development and Marketing for Xcerra “Critical to the design was the application of antenna theory and the use of 3D electromagnetic simulation. Both near field and far field patch antennas have been implemented allowing bidirectional communication and vector measurements of the AiP.”

In addition to wireless communication xWave contactors minimize the number of transitions between the DUT and tester through the use of co-planar waveguide structures that make direct connection with the DUT, bypass the PCB, and connect to the tester with either coaxial cable or waveguides.

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About Multitest:

Multitest (headquartered in Rosenheim, Germany) is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of semiconductor material handling equipment and interfaces for the testing and calibration of semiconductors and sensors. Multitest markets a broad portfolio of innovative and performance driven test handlers and contactors. Multitest has more than 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, providing solutions to the automotive, consumer, communication, and sensor markets. Multitest is a company of Xcerra™ Corporation, which provides capital equipment, interface products, and services to the semiconductor, industrial, and electronics manufacturing industries. Xcerra Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions and technologies, and a global network of strategically deployed applications and support resources. Additional information can be found at and

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