Multiservice Tester suits converging voice and data networks.

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Model N2X combines services testing with carrier-grade infrastructure testing and emulation. It tests metro Ethernet, IP/VPN, and L2oMPLS for ATM, over standards such as MPLS, IPv6, and next-generation SONET. Unit is based on programmable measurement test cards that plug into common chassis and can be mixed and matched to create realistic emulation. Ethernet services disruption measurement validates quality of service across network architectures.

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Agilent Technologies Introduces Industry's Most Comprehensive Multiservices Test Solution for Converging Network Infrastructures

Agilent N2X Combines Routing, Switching, Transport and Storage Testers into Integrated Solution with Many New Enhancements

CHICAGO, Supercomm, Booth No. 12351, June 21, 2004 -- Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced the industry's most comprehensive multiservices test solution for converging voice and data networks. The Agilent N2X multiservice tester is the first to combine leading-edge services testing with carrier-grade infrastructure testing and emulation. The N2X solution set allows network equipment suppliers and service providers to more comprehensively test new services end-to-end, resulting in higher quality of service and lower network operating costs.

Today's communications networks for voice and data are converging onto a single infrastructure designed to both reduce costs and enable new services. These networks are based on multifunction networking elements that are significantly more complicated to test. Furthermore, the proliferation of new services is increasing the diversity of deployed network architectures. Previous generations of test equipment focused on verifying the functionality of individual devices or in emulating only a portion of a network. This approach is inadequate for testing new leading-edge services over a wide variety of networking architectures.

To address these challenges, Agilent has significantly enhanced RouterTester 900, OmniBER XM and SAN Tester, and combined them into an integrated test solution. What distinguishes N2X from previous-generation test solutions is its ability to test leading-edge services, such as metro Ethernet, IP/VPN and L2oMPLS for ATM, over the latest converged infrastructure standards such as MPLS, IPv6 and next-generation SONET.

The N2X product architecture is based on programmable measurement test cards that offer best-in-class performance and can be updated to the latest standards. These cards plug into a common chassis and can be mixed and matched to create a realistic emulation that tests the performance of a service from the enterprise through the access-metro network and over the core network. Agilent N2X also allows users to drill down and isolate problems in a specific part of the network or device. Network equipment manufacturers and service providers that use the N2X solution set can now find problems more quickly, while more thoroughly testing an interdependent carrier-grade network.

Agilent N2X's new capabilities include:
o an industry-first 40 Gb/s Packet over SONET (POS) interface test card;
o a tri-rate 10/100/1000 Ethernet test card that has the highest network emulation scalability available in supporting 32,000 individual data streams;
o a 10 Gb Ethernet test card with hot-swappable XENPAK transceiver that provides the industry's highest port density per rack unit;
o a patent-pending Ethernet services disruption measurement for validating quality of service across a variety of network architectures;
o a multistream Ethernet packet BER measurement for testing layer 2 data integrity;
o multichannel, thru-mode APS message generation for testing next-generation SONET switching devices from within the telecom network;
o overhead sequence generation in thru and terminal mode for testing the transparency of control plane protocols across the transport network;
o L2oMPLS support for ATM and Frame Relay providing a single-card solution for testing MPLS over Ethernet, POS, ATM or Frame Relay;
o multicast IPv6 support for testing next-generation IPv6 infrastructure; and
o an "instrumented payload" for measuring packet throughput and loss that can be used with the OmniBER OTN to verify proper VLAN tagging of GFP encapsulated data traffic.

"With these new enhancements, built on top of the powerful capabilities of our previous-generation products, N2X offers an unmatched combination of scalability and measurement functionality," said Dave Bass, vice president and general manager of Agilent's Data Networks Division.

The Agilent RouterTester 900, OmniBER XM and SAN Tester are compatible with N2X and can be upgraded by purchasing N2X software release 1.0, available now. More information on the N2X solution set is available at

Agilent will demonstrate N2X's testing capabilities this week at Supercomm, Booth No. 12351.

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