Multipurpose Robot features 4.6 m reach.

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Model IRB 4600, weighing 880 lb, is suited for various manufacturing and material handling applications. It is available in 2 short-arm, 2.05 m versions for 60 or 45 kg payload and 2 long-arm 2.50 and 2.55 m versions for 40 or 20 kg. Semishelf mounting enables reach below base of robot and unit allows floor, tilted, and inverted mounting. It also offers minimized cycle times, optimized path accuracy, and is protected to IP67 standards.

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The New IRB 4600 - The Ultimate Lean Robot for General Industry

ABB's fourth-generation multi-purpose robot unveiled to the North American market

AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (April 22, 2009) - ABB Robotics, a leading supplier of industrial robots, is introducing its newest robot to the North American market - the fastest, most accurate, low-weight, medium-size robot ever developed for general industrial applications. The new IRB 4600 features twice the working range, half the weight and a 25% better cycle time than comparable competitive models and the renowned ABB IRB 4400 model that it succeeds.

The development of the IRB 4600 responds to widespread market demand for an agile and flexible robot, with reduced weight, superior performance and improved cost efficiencies. The new robot features an ultra-wide working range, minimal cycle times and state-of-the-art path performance. It can be floor- or shelf-mounted, tilted and even inverted. At a weight of just above 880 lbs (400 kg) it is the lightest general-purpose robot ever offered on the market.

The IRB 4600 is ideal for numerous manufacturing and material handling applications, including machine tending, arc welding, cutting, dispensing, assembly, palletizing and packing, measuring, deburring and polishing.

It comes in four versions: two short-arm versions (2.05 m) for 60 or 45 kg payload and two long-arm (2.50 & 2.55 m) versions for 40 or 20 kg. With its semi-shelf capability, it also has a very good reach below the base of the robot, the widest vertical reach on the market in its class, and can be placed on top of the machines.

"The IRB 4600 happens to be the most efficient robot on the market. If you are looking for a robot with the best performance, the IRB 4600 is simply the best choice. You cannot find anything similar on the market," said Kirk Goins, senior vice president ABB Robotics, North America.

The IRB 4600 offers numerous performance advantages to comparable competitor robots:

- Shorter Cycle Times: 10-25% shorter cycle times deliver increased production capacity.

- Greater Path Performance: up to 50% better path accuracy delivering higher quality at greater speeds, reduced scrap and improved productivity.

- Wide Working Range: with a maximum reach of up to 4.6 m and smaller wrists, the IRB 4600 has the flexibility to do the job of larger robots with the accessibility into machines typically confined to smaller robots.

- Flexible Mounting: floor, tilted, semi-shelf and inverted mounting for optimum robot placement and cell design.

- Compact Size: the small foot print allows placement of the robot closer to the served machines, saving space and increasing productivity.

- Cost Savings: less waste, less energy and better cycle times all equate to significant cost savings over the life of the robot.

The IRB 4600 is designed to withstand harsh environments, and all models are protected according to the IP 67 standard. A Foundry Plus model is also available.

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ABB Robotics ( is a leading supplier of industrial robots ¡V also providing robot software, peripheral equipment, modular manufacturing cells and service for tasks such as welding, handling, assembly, painting and finishing, picking, packing, palletizing and machine tending. Key markets include automotive, plastics, metal fabrication, foundry, electronics, pharmaceutical and food and beverage industries. A strong solutions focus helps manufacturers improve productivity, product quality and worker safety. ABB has installed more than 160,000 robots worldwide.

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