Multiport Module, Fiber Harness aid replication in data centers.

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When used together, H-Series 16-port module and 8-fiber Skinny-Trunk® harness let users to match and replicate 8, 16, 32, or 64 fiber optic switch ports per TIA-942 data requirements. Products also provide flexibility with which to make adds, moves, and changes. H-Series 16-port module allows for port replication while maintaining migration path to 40/100 Gig speeds in data center by maintaining necessary fiber counts and decreasing insertion loss.

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CABLExpress® Launches New H-Series 16-Port Module and 8-Fiber Harness

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- CABLExpress® has added an H-Series 16-port module and 8-fiber Skinny-Trunk® harness to its family of Skinny-Trunk data center product solution family. When used together, customers can quickly and easily match and replicate their high-density fiber optic switch ports per TIA-942 data requirements, and have the flexibility to make adds, moves and changes in a convenient manner. The new products can be viewed at the Interop Show, booth number 2233.

"The 16-port module and 8 fiber harness allow customers to maintain exact port replication of 8, 16, 32 and even the newest 64-port ultra high-density blades while the existing product set of 24 port modules and 12 fiber harnesses can handle the 12, 24, and 48 port blades," said Pete Belyea, Vice President of Data Center & Cabling. "This product continues the CABLExpress commitment to providing customers with a single trunk solution that address multiple generations of equipment."

The H-Series 16-port module allows for easy port replication while maintaining a migration path to 40/100 gig speeds in the data center by maintaining the necessary fiber counts and decreasing insertion loss. It also allows for the maximum number of connections for structured cabling management while meeting the strict loss budgets of the IEEE 802.3ba standard up to 100G speeds.

The H-Series 16-port module gives exact port replication of 16-, 32- and/or 64-port blades and can fit in a 1U, 6U and/or 10U H-Series enclosure for maximum flexibility and better cable management. It comes with thermoplastic MPO style couplers to allow for precision mating and industry-leading performance.

The 8-fiber Skinny-Trunk harness offers pre-engineered staggering for a clean look and reduces cabling congestion by 75%. The harness also maintains exact port replication of 8-, 16-, 32- and the new 64-port ultra high-density blades. The harness also reduces cabling bulk by up to 60-percent, improving cable management and the appearance of switches.

All CABLExpress enclosures have the same physical structure as switches. Both the H-Series 16-port module and 8-fiber Skinny-Trunk harness come standard with a lifetime warranty.

For additional information about the CABLExpress branded H-Series module and harness and other products and services from CABLExpress, call 800-767-3282 or visit

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