Multiple Stage Valve is suitable for vacuum systems.

Press Release Summary:

Compact ILP two-stage valve includes pneumatically-actuated poppet valve and bypass valve in single unit that fits into tight space constraints found in vacuum applications, such as loadlock and transfer chambers in semiconductor or optical processing. Soft start process reduces turbulent flow during initial vacuum system evacuation, for less product contamination and damage. Heater jacket is available for processes with condensable materials.

Original Press Release:

MKS Releases New Multiple Stage Valve

BOULDER. COLORADO, December 7, 2001 - NKS Instruments, Inc. - HPS® Products has released the new HPS® Integrated LoPro® Two-Stage Valve, also called the ILP. The ILP is a pneumatically-actuated poppet valve with a bypass valve combined into a single unit. The compact size and new ultracompact limit switch option assure the valves fit into tight system space constants.

Vacuum systems often require a slow initial evacuation (called a soft start) of the roughing or loadlock area of the system. The soft start process reduces turbulent flow during initial system evacuation, diminishing product contamination and damage. Often a bypass line is used to soft start a system, which utilizes system space and can clog, requiring frequent cleaning and maintenance. The HPS Integrated LoPro Two-Stage (ILP) has been designed to replace the bypass line. In the first stage, the bypass valve pumps down slowly from atmospheric pressure to a preset vacuum pressure. The bypass valve is a spring to close, o-ring sealed valve located within the main stage. In the second stage, the main valve opens, allowing use of full pumping speed. The main valve is a normally closed bellows sealed valve. Formed bellows within the main valve make it resistant to particle damage. The new limit switch option is an electronic proximity switch that is streamlined into the cap of the valve with an LED to visually indicate the valve position.

The ILP accommodates the space constraints found on vacuum applications like loadlock and transfer chambers specifically in semiconductor or optical processing for which a cleaner environment is necessary. A heater jacket is available for processes with condensable materials. The angle and inline configurations are available in NW 25, 40 and 50 sizes. These valves can be tailored to the users needs with options available in flanges, seals, solenoids, and a new ultracompact limit switch.

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