Multimodal Research at SfN 2015: SMI Shows Eye Tracking Well Connected to Other Biosensors

BERLIN and CHICAGO – SensoMotoric Instruments' proven solutions combine scientific grade measurement with user-friendly design, while new tools easily connect eye tracking with brain activity, behavior and other modalities.

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At SfN 2015, eye tracking technology leader SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) [ presents a unique and established combination of scientific-grade, user-friendly eye tracking and demonstrates new integration options of SMI's Eye Tracking Connected [ program. Via dedicated protocols, plug-ins and other capabilities this program connects portable eye tracker like the SMI RED250mobile [ with more than 30 partner solutions ranging from Brain Products EEG recording, BIOPAC physiological data logging to E-Prime® stimulus presentation. Leading labs at the forefront of neuroscience, e.g. from Harvard University, Stanford University or the Chinese Academy of Sciences, confide in SMI's proven technology and reliable connectivity [ or their research in laboratory and real-life scenarios.

Researchers can go hands-on with SMI's scientific eye tracking and the new partner integrations at this year's SfN, SMI booth 605 (Chicago/USA, October 18-21, 2015).

SMI's Scientific Eye Tracking solutions

[ provide reliable eye and gaze information in laboratory and everyday scenarios for research ranging from neurolinguistics, to cognitive development of infants, to studies on stress and neurological disorders like schizophrenia or alzheimer. Screen-based devices include 250 Hz portable systems which run from a laptop; ideal for scientific-grade studies at schools, work places, hospitals, and other real-life locations. Specialized devices are available for MRI applications, while SMI Eye Tracking Glasses 2w enable interactive studies in daily scenarios. SMI Eye Tracker can be easily synchronized with other biosensors and external applications using software messages, TTL trigger and other tools.

The new E-Prime® Extensions for SMI as well as the BIOPAC and Brain Products integration options add to the range of capabilities of the SMI Eye Tracking Connected [ program. Via dedicated protocols, plug-ins, e.g. for gaze and motion integrations, and other options, SMI Eye Tracking can easily be combined with leading partner solutions in fields ranging from multimodal cognition research to virtual reality.

Frazer Findlay, CEO, BIOPAC Systems, Inc.: "The plug and play integration of BIOPAC and SMI measurement solutions reveals how visual information evokes physiological reactions. The integrative approach allows researchers to easily access complete participant response data for their analysis. To learn more about the co-registration workflow, researchers may attend our satellite event at SfN."

Dr. Patrick Britz, Marketing Director, Brain Products GmbH: "With the smooth integration of Brain Products and SMI, customers interested in combining eye tracking and EEG no longer have to program their own scripts to merge co-registered data. This allows researchers to fully focus on data interpretation. At our SfN booth, we will demo the easy synchronization of SMI eye tracking and BrainVision Analyzer 2."

Dale Christopher, General Manager, Psychology Software Tools, Inc. (PST): "The integration with SMI's wide range of eye trackers creates new possibilities for the E-Prime® community and SMI's existing E-Prime® user base. To have a comprehensive, integrated solution spanning desktop, mobile, and fMRI eye tracking has long been a goal for us and to finally realize it is a large step forward for PST. We are looking forward to show the integration to many interested parties at SfN."

Eberhard Schmidt, Managing Director, SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI): "This year's SfN again shows that leading partners choose to collaborate with us to accelerate the pace of innovation in the field of neuroscience. We underline our true dedication to the scientific community not only with continuous innovation, but also with dedicated support for our customers and partners. We invite researchers to attend our demos and to engage in interesting discussions at SfN."

About SMI

SensoMotoric Instruments (SMI) is a world leader in eye tracking technology, developing and marketing eye gaze tracking solutions for scientists and professionals, OEM and medical solutions for a wide range of applications. Find out more at Follow @SMIeyetracking on Facebook [, Flickr [, YouTube [ and Twitter [

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