Multimedia Processing Package features H.264 codec.

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Combining audio, video, fax, and modem conversion engines, SurfWare-Media(TM) v5.0 is supplied with AMC and PCI Express resource boards, PTMC DSP farm board, PCI card, and DSP chip-level solutions. Text Overlay supports display of dynamic text using TrueType fonts on video images, while Network Smoothing maintains constant bit rate for video streams for each type of network data interface. Speech Time Scaler supports voice file streaming at speeds 50-200% of original recorded rate.

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Video Streaming Enhancements and New Codec Dominate Surf Communication Solutions' Latest Media Processing Packages

Version 5.0 of SurfWare-Media features H.264 codec and enhanced toolbox components, such as TrueType fonts over video, speech time scaling, and network smoothing, for development of robust multimedia telecom applications

YOKNE'AM, Israel, Aug. 30 / - SURF Communication Solutions® ("Surf") today announced the general availability of version 5.0 of SurfWare-Media(TM), its multimedia processing solution that combines a wide range of audio, video, fax, and modem conversion engines. SurfWare-Media is supplied with Surf's AMC and PCI Express resource boards, PTMC DSP farm board, PCI card, and DSP chip-level solutions. It defines a new generation of Surf's field-proven convergence technologies, featuring support for H.264, iLBC, and WMV9/WMA (decoders only) in addition to the wide range of codecs and processing capabilities supported previously by Surface(TM). Enhancements, such as a TrueType font text overlay, speech time scaling, and network smoothing, provide optimized video functionality and performance. The new version specifically addresses the advanced requirements of a wide range of IMS-ready carrier-grade and enterprise telecom infrastructure equipment, such as MRF, media servers, media gateways, session border controllers, as well as iPBX, CTI and other messaging, streaming, recording and conferencing applications.

SurfWare-Media provides the industry's first completely integrated media processing solution, which runs audio/voice, video, fax and modem media as well as the 3G-324M protocol (see simultaneously on a single DSP, Texas Instruments' TMS320C64x(TM) DSP generation. In addition, Surf provides an open DSP framework that allows telecom infrastructure manufacturers to integrate their own user-defined channel and incorporate ANSI-C algorithms in the DSP.

Surf's unique approach of running all media processing-related tasks on a single DSP is different from other solutions, which separate audio and video processing and run them on different DSPs/sub-systems, or divide the processing between the Host and the DSP. Running audio and video together provides a quality solution with better performance and reduced costs, since it enables dynamic modification of the channel during run-time to support audio applications now and audio plus video later.

Description of Major Enhancements in SurfWare-Media Version 5.0

o H.264 Encoder/Decoder: This leading codec provides superior video quality at a significantly lower bit rate, and supports the distribution of video applications on a variety of additional end devices.

o Text Overlay: Supports the display of dynamic text using TrueType fonts (Unicode for any language alphabet) on video images. Suitable for IVVR and video conferencing applications, this feature may also be used for personalization and advertising purposes.

o Network Smoothing: Mechanism which maintains a constant bit rate for video streams for each of the various types of network data interfaces to ensure highest possible video quality.

o Speech Time Scaler: Support for voice file streaming at speeds between 50% and 200% of the original recorded rate. Relevant for browsing in applications such as voice mail, where a user may press the telephone key pad to fast forward through phone mail messages.

o WMV9/WMA Decoders: Decodes Microsoft Windows® video file format and allows transcoding and distribution of resulting file in a variety of other video formats.

"This new release firmly positions Surf at the leading edge of media processing technology for telecom equipment manufacturers that want to integrate video into their offering," states Lior Fite, VP Marketing of Surf Communication Solutions. "Adding support for the H.264 codec, network smoothing, and text overlay provides the application developer with new exciting features that enable the development of content-rich audio/video applications to address this evolving market's needs."

SurfWare-Media for Surf's chip-level, PCI and PTMC solutions is available immediately. SurfWare-Media for Surf's PCIe (PCI Express) and AMC solutions will be available by the end of Q3/2007 and early Q4/2007, respectively.

About Surf Communication Solutions
SURF Communication Solutions® develops a suite of hardware and software products that drives a wide variety of applications whose common goal is high-capacity distribution of voice and video. These applications are predominantly developed by media gateway, media server and IMS equipment manufacturers in the telecommunication infrastructure field. The Surf engine is an off-the-shelf fully converged audio/video media processing subsystem that integrates easily into media gateways and servers. It is available in various integration levels, such as AdvancedMC, PTMC, PCIe and PCI form factor resource boards or DSP chips, which are pre-integrated with leading AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and cPCI carrier boards and blades.

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