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Available in packages tailored for media and publishing customers, Fortune 500 enterprises, and SMB clients, Clickability On Demand Web Content Management (WCM) Platform enables non-technical users to create, manage, publish, deliver, measure, and adapt Web sites. Solution combines Software as a Service (SaaS), which covers entire Web content lifecycle, and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), which spike-proofs companies from brownouts during peak Web site usage.

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Clickability Launches On Demand Web Content Management Platform and Three New Product Editions

Unique Platform Spans Entire Content Lifecycle with On Demand Infrastructure, Implementation, Software, Support, and Innovation as a Service

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 11 -- Clickability, Inc., the global leader in on demand Web Content Management (WCM), today launched the Clickability On Demand WCM Platform and three new product packages tailored specifically for the company's media and publishing customers, Fortune 500 enterprises, and SMB clients.

The Clickability platform is the only end-to-end Web Content Management solution that enables non-technical users to create, manage, publish, deliver, measure, and adapt Web sites easily and efficiently. What's more, publishers and enterprise marketers can harness the real-time power of the Web, and are freed from relying on slow, costly, and anti-green, on-premise software. With 24-hour time-to-mastery, formerly non-technical users quickly become "power users" with the immediate ability to focus on leveraging content, customers, differentiation, brand management, and innovation.

"Our pre-Clickability experience with another content management service provider was very frustrating," said Mike Wilson, new media manager at, the online voice of Baton Rouge's Advocate newspaper and WBRZ TV. "Clickability listened to our needs and helped us achieve our business objectives, enabling us to double our site traffic while simultaneously cutting our costs in half. The platform has helped us turn a profit, and that is something very few newspaper Web sites can say these days."

Leveraging five years of production refinements, Clickability is the only company with an on demand WCM platform that combines Software as a Service (SaaS) with Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). With this unique combination, Clickability platform users are no longer dependant on resource and budget- strapped IT departments. Agile companies can now eliminate the need for costly hardware and other overhead, and instead leverage Clickability's multi- tenancy, patent-pending IaaS solution. With just-in-time scalability, the IaaS solution "spike proofs" companies from brownouts during peak Web site usage, resulting in fast, dependable, and consistent Web page delivery and performance-all the time, anytime.

"On demand solutions offer tantalizing potential to create significant competitive advantage for companies that live on the Web or for whom the Web is integral to business strategy," said Mary Laplante, senior analyst with Gilbane Group, Inc., the leading advisory and consulting firm focused on content technologies. "As a result, on demand solutions are now and will be a permanent part of the technology landscape for companies of all sizes, across all industries. Clickability recognizes this with the three editions of its on demand WCM platform."

While all four components of the Clickability platform are best in class, the platform's real power is unleashed with the combination and seamless integration of all the components in parallel, resulting in reduced costs, increased revenues, and more valuable brands.

The Clickability On Demand WCM Platform includes:

1) Infrastructure as a Service: The Clickability platform is backed by a comprehensive on demand infrastructure that includes hosting, security, data storage, service-level agreements (SLAs), and disaster recovery. Clickability utilizes state-of-the-art hardware and industry-leading best practices at its two co-located datacenters, with a third coming online later this year. The Clickability on demand infrastructure also frees up IT departments to focus on innovation, strategic differentiation, and issues of compliance, archiving, and management.

2) Implementation and Support as a Service: Clickability's on-boarding process is supported by a legendary Client Services and Customer Support organization that has delivered over 400 successful Web site deployments. Clickability's branded Implementation Practice ensures that the platform is configured to customer needs, often moving from discovery to launch in a few short weeks. Based on the "perpetual vendor accountability" model, Clickability not only provides ongoing lifetime support, but specialized services, including the Clickability Social Media and SEO/SEM Services Practices.

3) Software as a Service: With over 6,000 seats, The Clickability platform is the world's most used on demand WCM. The SaaS component of the platform covers the entire Web content lifecycle, and includes Content Management, Analytics, Email Newsletters, Site Search, Ad Server, Polls and Surveys, RSS/XML Syndication, Multilingual Support, and Social Media. The platform's "one click" device-agnostic, Multichannel Delivery System enables non-technical users to not only publish directly to Web sites, but to Apple iPhones, Amazon's Kindle, and Smartphones, among other devices. Unlike the lengthy development cycles of on premise software (often two to three years behind the introduction of new Web technologies), Clickability embraces the SaaS agile development model, with four major and ten minor releases per year.

4) Innovation as a Service: Based on the Clickability Platform Innovation Model (which includes shared customer best practices, benchmarking, code libraries, and solution databases), customers can easily and quickly innovate on top of the platform. Unlike on premise software, these new technologies and innovations can be enjoyed immediately by all Clickability customers. While Clickability's end-to-end solution accommodates the needs of most companies, the platform's open APIs can easily accommodate plug-in applications from partners and developers.

"An on demand, fully integrated platform is essential to the success of the agile enterprise," said Clickability founder and CEO John Girard. "Every element of the Clickability platform-infrastructure, implementation and support, software, and innovation-is built with our customers' dynamic and timely needs in mind. Non-technical business decision makers are enabled to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively manage and leverage every aspect of their Web site, while placing reliability, security, and scalability issues into our hands. This approach gives our customers both the outstanding sites they require and the added time to concentrate on growth, revenue, brand building, and the needs of their own customers. As a result, I expect new clients like Amcor and Smithsonian Media to benefit from our platform."

Adds Simone Ferrier, general manager of corporate communications at Amcor Limited (a $10 billion packaging solutions giant), "The Clickability platform has turned into a world-class marketing tool for our global business. Though our team members lack programming backgrounds, they have no trouble using the platform to manage our global content; as a result, our site always reflects the cutting-edge for the hundreds of thousands of customers who access it each month."

The Clickability On Demand WCM Platform is available immediately in three editions. A single code base across all editions creates an easy, cost- effective upgrade path that scales with a company's growth.

1) Clickability Express Edition: For basic departmental or SMB sites needing an affordable, flexible, and easy-to-use solution. The Express Edition offers five seats, one domain, 1GB of storage, 250,000 page views and 25,000 email newsletters per month. One-time implementation fees range from $15,000 to $20,000, with a $2,999 per month subscription fee.

2) Clickability Professional Edition: For mid-range sites such as enterprise intranets and interactive marketing sites. The Professional Edition features ten seats, five domains, 2GB of storage, 500,000 page views, and 50,000 email newsletters per month. One-time implementation fees range from $30,000 to $75,000, with a $4,999 per month subscription fee.

3) Clickability Enterprise Edition: For global publishing and complex enterprise marketing sites, as well as global intranets, enterprise e-business, multi-channel, and multi-lingual publishing sites. The Enterprise Edition features 15 seats, unlimited domains, 5GB of storage, 1,000,000 page views and 100,000 email newsletters per month. One-time implementation fees range from $75,000 and up, with a $7,999 per month subscription fee.

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