Multichannel Audio Distribution Hub connects up to 512 receivers.

Press Release Summary:

Eight-channel distribution system, powered Analog Audio Distribution Hub, balances input signals, distributes signals on UTP, and converts them back at each receiver. Stereo audio signals can be sent over Cat5 or better wiring for run >100 m. Able to be cascaded twice (3 tiers) to yield total distribution of 512 receivers from one input source, this product is suited for deployment in such multi-display environments as meeting halls, class rooms, auditoriums, and more.

Original Press Release:

Analog Audio Distribution Hub

A single source and 512 receivers to connect all of your displays.

This amazing 8 channel distribution system is very efficient as it balances the input signals, distributes the signals on UTP and converts them back at each receiver. In addition, stereo audio signals can be sent over Cat5 or better wiring for a run exceeding 100 meters. The powered Analog Audio Distribution Hub can be cascaded twice (3 tiers) yielding a total distribution of 512 receivers from a single input source.

The Analog Audio Distribution Hub power requirements are low and the display baluns need no external power.

Having the ability to distribute audio signals to 512 receivers makes this system a must where there are many displays: meeting halls, cruise ships, class rooms, churches and auditoriums to name a few.

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