Multi-Zone Controller optimizes IR heating systems.

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Designed for gas-fired IR heaters, ThermoControl Plus features easy to use menu system and graphical interface for programming of day-, night-time, and frost protection heating phases. Logic learning processor considers both environmental influences from room and outside temperature to identify optimal heat-up period. Available as standalone unit, product can also be fully monitored remotely from PC or integrated into existing BMS, DDC systems.

Original Press Release:

Schwank Announces the Launch of ThermoControl Plus: The Multi-Zone BMS Controller Designed for Gas-Fired Infrared Heaters

ThermoControl plus ensures comfort while saving energy costs and it is recommended for single and two stage infrared heating systems. Smart, versatile, and compact, ThermoControl Plus is the first programmable controller engineered to optimize the performance of your infrared heating project.

Programming and operating ThermoControl Plus is easy and self-explanatory. Easy to use menu system, and graphical interface makes programming of day-, night-time and frost protection straightforward. Because of the optimization of the heating-up and heating-down phases, substantial energy costs can be saved. Optimization means that the heating system reaches the required temperature accurately at the beginning of the working day, and not a minute earlier.

In addition, ThermoControl Plus provides a logic learning processor which considers the environmental influences from room and outside temperature in order to identify the optimal heat-up period. Inefficient heating is avoided.

ThemoControl Plus is available as a stand alone unit, or it can be fully monitored remotely from a PC or integrated into and existing BMS, DDC system.

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The Schwank Group

Schwank is the worldwide market leader in sales, for gas-fired infrared heating systems. Luminous [high intensity] and tube [low intensity] radiant heaters belong to the core competencies of the globally operated company. As a result of its dedicated research and development program, Schwank is the only infrared heater manufacturer which formulates and produces ceramic tiles for its heaters. The Schwank Group includes 12 subsidiaries around the globe delivering to more than 40 distribution markets. Through strict adherence to rigid quality standards, Schwank produces the world's most efficient radiant heaters and custom designed heating systems for most industrial, patio, and commercial applications.

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