Multi-Segment Safety Light Curtain replaces multiple units.

Press Release Summary:

Designed to replace master/slave or cascaded units with single integrated unit, Slant-Guard Light Curtain can have 2 or more segments, each at different angle, up to max length of 6 ft. Unit operates up to 98 ft with 1 3/16 in. resolution. Housed in IP65 rated enclosure, light curtain provides response time of less than 18 msec and is suitable for machine guarding, hazardous area protection, access monitoring and control, and diagonal zones of protection.

Original Press Release:

Slant-Guard Angled Safety Light Curtain


The Slant-Guard Light Curtain is a specially configured multi-segment model which is designed to replace master/slave or cascaded units with a single integrated unit. The Slant-Guard light curtain can have two or more segments, each at a different angle, up to a maximum of six feet for 30mm resolution light curtains. The Slant-Guard light curtain is a built to order product. Consult factory application engineer for additional information and assistance with your application.

The Slant-Guard light curtain is available in both the B-SERIES and GS-SERIES.

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates need for multiple light curtains

  • Beam Blanking (B-SERIES & GS-140 Series)

  • No External Connections between segments

  • Easier to align than multiple units

  • No loss of resolution between segments

  • Interfaces easily with external controls

  • Redundant fail-safe outputs


  • Machine guarding

  • Hazardous area protection

  • Access monitoring and control

  • Diagonal zones of protection

  • Any guarding application requiring multiple light curtains


    Detection Capability (Resolution): 30 mm (1-3/16")

    Response Time: <18 msec

    Operating Range: up to 30 m (98 ft)

    Operating Temperature: 32 to 120°F (0 to 50 °C)

    Enclosure Rating: IP65

    Operating Temperature: -5 to 65°C (23 to 149°F)

    Enclosure Rating: IP65

    Maximum Length: Up to 72 " (all segments)

    Noise Immunity: Exceeds I.E.C. 801/4 level 4

    Safety Outputs: 2 x PNP (fail-safe), 500 mA @24Vdc

    Explanation of Terminology

    Beam Blanking allows the light curtain to operate where there is a permanent or floating obstruction in the sensing field, such as workpiece supports.
    EN 61496 Type 4 Design is the highest level of the most stringent standard in the world, and is suitable for the most dangerous machine guarding applications.

    This Self-contained 2-Unit System is capable of safety functions without additional equipment. It interfaces readily with common safety relay units and fail-safe PLCs, as well as with Tapeswitch safety controllers.

    The Slant-Guard Angled Safety Light Curtain is a built-to-order product.
    Please contact the factory for more information and for help with your application.

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