Multi-Parting Line Systems target plastics processors.

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Multi-Parting Line (MPL) Systems double cavitation of standard single-face molds. They can be configured as turnkey systems with mold bases, hot runner systems, temperature controllers, and centering devices. Stack Mold Components enable system customization. Dual Mold Carrier enables MPL molding utilizing existing single-face molds. Tandem Molding employs 2 mold faces with staggered processes, doubling output of injection molding presses.

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D-M-E Company Multi-Parting Line Systems Do More with Less

More molding productivity is achieved with less time, less labor, less capital investment, less floor space, and less ongoing operating costs

October 2003 - Multi-Parting Line (MPL) Systems from D-M-E Company enable plastics processors to do more with less. Now available, MPL doubles the cavitation of standard single-face molds with no additional investment in new molding presses or the resources commonly employed to operate additional presses. Ideal for automotive, housewares, caps and closures, cutlery, electrical/electronic, and other applications, MPL expands molding capacity and output with no new press expenditures. The result is more productivity with no additional labor, capital investment, floor space, and operating cost.

MPL Systems from D-M-E provide a wide range of molding solutions - Stack Molds, Dual Mold Carriers and Tandem Molds are a sampling of such solutions. MPL Systems can be configured as turnkey systems - complete with mold bases, hot runner systems, temperature controllers and centering devices. If required, D-M-E and Milacron can supply high performance injection molding machines, optimized for MPL molding and complete with all required auxiliary equipment. Pre-engineered component systems may also be purchased separately allowing customers to design their own MPL molds.

Stack Molds (SM) - D-M-E offers a full line of Stack Mold Components, enabling mold designers the flexibility to customize MPL Systems to their specifications. Only D-M-E offers three choices in centering devices (Rack & Gear, Spline & Nut, and Harmonic Arms), center support configurations (tie bar, machine ways, or tie bar with machine ways) and ejection methods (hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical). D-M-E also provides technical assistance in the selection and application of Stack Mold Components and Hot Runner Systems - even complete stack mold design, configuration and assembly.

Dual Mold Carrier (DMC) - The D-M-E Dual Mold Carrier (DMC) enables MPL molding with existing single-face molds. Possible solutions include a carrier frame, actuation devices and melt delivery systems. Injection barrels may be centered or offset. D-M-E can even evaluate your existing applications for potential adaptation to DMC.

Tandem Molding - Tandem Molding employs two mold faces with staggered processes. A part is ejected from one mold face, while the second mold face is in its cooling phase. Thus, Tandem Molding can double the output of existing injection molding presses. As there is a separate injection molding process for each mold, Tandem Molding is particularly suited for family parts, where shot sizes and injection processes may be profiled for each mold face.

D-M-E Company, headquartered in Madison Heights, Michigan, is one of the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of mold tooling, mold components, hot runner systems, and electronic controls for the plastics industry. A subsidiary of Milacron Inc., D-M-E Company also manufactures and sells standard tooling for the die casting industry.

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