Multi-Mode LED Light offers remote control operation.

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Designed to work with any fixture fitted with E26 bulb sockets, Model LED18W-PAR38-RGB includes handheld remote that allows user to control all functions and modes from up to 25 ft away. Functions include on/off, choice of 16 light colors, and ability to produce constant On state, fast or slow flashing, strobing, color fade, and dimming. Producing 950 lm in white color mode while using 18 W of power, PAR38 LED light is resistant to damage from vibration/impacts and will operate for 50,000+ hr.

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Larson Electronics Announces Addition of Multi-Mode LED Light with Remote Control

Larson Electronics has announced the addition of an innovative LED light designed to provide multiple color choices and remote control operation. The LED18W-PAR38-RGB 18 Watt RGB LED PAR 38 Remote Control LED Light offers 16 color options, flashing, dimming, and high or low light output, and is designed to work with any common light fixture fitted with E26 bulb sockets.

The LED18W-PAR38-RGB 18 watt RGB LED PAR 38 LED light from Larson Electronics provides a highly versatile and durable LED lighting solution designed for users who desire multi-color functionality in a remotely controlled system. This LED lamp features a PAR38 design which allows it to work with most standard light sockets, allowing users to simply unscrew and replace common outdoor floodlights and interior bulbs. Operating features include a handheld remote control which allows the user to control all the functions and modes from up to 25 feet away, making this LED light ideal for installation in hard to reach areas. Functions include on/off control, the choice of 16 different light colors, and the ability to produce a constant on state, a fast or slow flash, strobing effects, color fade, and dimming. This light is far more versatile and durable than traditional halogen floodlights and produces 950 lumens in white color mode while using only 18 watts of power. For comparison, a typical halogen floodlight will produce only 850 lumens while using 50 watts of power. Additionally, since this unit is LED, it is highly resistant to damage from vibration or impacts, produces whiter cleaner light output without any yellow or reddish tint in white mode, and will operate for 50,000 or more hours before requiring replacement compared to the 500-1000 hour average of an incandescent or halogen bulb. These PAR38 LED lights are ideal for specialty applications and well suited for landscape or signage illumination where operators prefer to be able to alter color and on/off operation to achieve unique effects. These units are also well suited to commercial and industrial use where an operator requires specific light colors for specialized tasks and provides the ability to switch to normal illumination whenever desired.

“This LED PAR38 color changing bulb is the perfect fit for entertainment venues, restaurants, signage, and display lighting,” said Robert Bresnahan of Larson Electronics’ “With outdoor waterproof rating and low amp draw, the LED18W-PAR39-RGB saves customers from purchasing multiple different bulbs with the ability to change colors and operation modes with a 50,000 hour life span.”

Larson Electronics offers a wide selection of LED work lights, LED light towers, explosion proof LED lights, intrinsically safe LEDs and LED work lights. The entire Larson Electronics line of industrial grade lighting equipment can be viewed by visiting them on the web at You can also call 1-800-369-6671 to learn more about all of Larson Electronics lighting products or call 1-214-616-6180 for international inquires.

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