Multi-Axis Welding Positioners offer accuracy of 9 arc seconds.

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Multi-Axis Welding Positioners offer custom central guarding and frame. These 3, 4 or 5 multi-axis units are available in nine models and use high capacity zero backlash TMF rotary table. Products offer repeatability of 2-3 arc seconds. Positioners utilize TR Series servo gear heads for the dual trunnion headstocks.

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LazerArc Manufacturing Custom Multi-Axis Welding Positioners

Welding automation in manufacturing continues to expand due to introduction of improved and accurate robots at a lower cost. Also manufacturers have discovered placing more than one welding robot in an a production line compared to using one reduces overall cost because the part can be welded on all sides without moving the part using multi-axis positioning systems.

The LazerArc Multi-Axis Welding Positioner provides a superior accuracy, index time, and flexibility to meet the demands of modern automation systems. These complete 3, 4 or 5 Multi-Axis Welding Positioner machines are designed and engineered to provide superior performance in demanding industrial automation environments.

The Dual Trunnion position system utilizes our high capacity "zero backlash" TMF rotary turntable for the 180° exchange which creates accuracies of 9 arc seconds and repeatability of 2-3 arc seconds. The DR-TR Series utilizes our TR Series servo gear heads for the dual trunnion headstocks, which allows for a 2 second, 180-degree rotation on a load of up to 4000 lbs. per side.

As each system is built for our customer's needs, all dimensions can be adjusted to fit the application requirement. Motion Index Drives offers nine standard models with custom central guarding and custom frame width available.


  • Large center through hole to run utilities to tooling and fixtures
  • Easy access to pipe and wire all components
  • Standard models available to begin design immediately

LazerArc was established by Motion Index Drives in 2017 to separate the custom engineered solutions from standard product offerings for those customers looking for a wider selection of machinery to suit today's manufacturing automation needs. All of LazerArc's products are built with the highest precision materials and engineering expertise, customized to fit your specific applications. For more information on LazerArc's Multi-Axis Welding Positioning Units visit:

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