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MSHA Approved Air Compressor can run safely in mining operations.

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MSHA Approved Air Compressor can run safely in mining operations.

Oct 23, 2013 - Mining Safety and Health Administration (MSHA)-approved version of RAPTAIR Diesel Drive Stand-Alone Air Compressor uses Kubota engine that enables system to provide >52 cfm. Diesel drive engine also decreases possibility of fire present with gasoline engine. Able to be truck- or skid-mounted, compressor supplies enough power to run common air tools used in mining operations. MSHA approval also ensures air quality is within safety standards when unit is running underground.

VMAC Global Technology Inc. - Nanaimo, BC, CAN

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VMAC RAPTAIR Diesel Drive Now MSHA Approved

Press release date: Oct 10, 2013

Air Compressor can be safely run in mining operations

Nanaimo, B.C. – VMAC's RAPTAIR Diesel Drive Stand-Alone air compressor is now available in a Mining Safety and Health Administration approved version.

The primary modification to enable approval was a change to the engine. The MSHA approved version uses a Kubota engine that runs at a slower speed than the Kubota offered in the RAPTAIR60.

The slower approved engine enables the compressor to provide more than 52 CFM and the lower RPM also make the system quieter than the 60 CFM version. Although there is a decrease in CFM, the RAPTAIR50 is a high performance air compressor that can be truck- or skid-mounted with enough power to run most common air tools used in mining operations. The new diesel drive engine also decreases the possibility of fire presented with a gasoline engine.

Being MSHA approval means the compressor has been authorized for safe use in underground coal and gassy metal mines and has undergone rigorous testing conducted by experts at the MSHA. It ensures air quality is within safety standards while running the unit underground, a major concern for all such operations. The release of this product is part of VMAC's strategy to provide safe, high performance air compressors for use in a variety of environments and demonstrates our leading position in the mobile air industry. 

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VMAC engineers and manufactures compact, powerful compressed air solutions for clients in the mobile-mechanic, tire service, utilities, mining and gas, and construction industries. Beginning almost 30 years ago with a contract to design a jet engine for the Canadian military VMAC has grown into the world-wide leader in manufacturing UNDERHOOD air compressor systems. These award-winning systems use less space, are light-weight and powerful. VMAC is one of only a few companies in North America that completely manufacture its own rotary screw compressors, and also designs custom solutions for multi-national OEM clients. VMAC has won multiple awards including 75 Best Workplaces in Canada and the B.C. Exporter of the Year award.

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