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Impresa(TM) 7i2 provides critical MRO process management functionality that crosses boundaries between traditional enterprise asset management; maintenance, repair and operations; and enterprise resource planning software solutions. B2B portal is used for communicating messages through supply chain via Electronic Data Interchange or XML. Software includes centralized engineering module, tooling module, data archiving module, and business intelligence functionality.

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Avexus Releases Impresa(tm) 7i2; Best-of-Breed MRO Solution Provides Critical Functionality That Crosses Boundaries Between Traditional EAM, MRo and ERP Systems

- Open standards, inter-enterprise connectivity, and enhanced user interface strengthen Web-based Impresa -

SAN DIEGO, Calif. - April 8, 2002 - Avexus, Inc., a leading provider of maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) software solutions, today announced the release of Impresa(tm) 7i2, which provides critical MRO process management functionality that crosses the boundaries between traditional enterprise asset management (EAM)), maintenance, repair and operations (MRo) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solutions.

The open standards, inter- and intra-enterprise connectivity and enhanced user interface mark this latest release of the Web-based Impresa software and continue the evolution of functionality designed to improve the cost-effectiveness, turn times and profitability of MRO and aftermarket support operations. Impresa 7i2 is a scalable solution, designed to provide best-of-breed MRO functionality within an organization's enterprise information environment.

Avexus leverages its relationships with commercial and defense customers, such as GE Caledonian, Pemco Aeroplex, Boeing, BAE SYSTEMS, the U.S. Navy and the U.S. Air Force, in the ongoing development of Impresa's functionality. As a result, Impresa 7i2 provides deep functionality and robust business intelligence reporting that is specific to the unique needs of today's MRO market.

"In today's business climate, the need to enhance the revenue productivity and reliability of an asset cost-effectively has never been more critical," said Andrew Dumke, Avexus chairman and CEO. "Organizations are being forced to meet this need while establishing the best course of action for providing in-house or outsourced services for their MRO operations requirements. Impresa 7i2 helps organizations meet these challenges head on."

New Features in Impresa 7i2

Impresa 7i2 includes several new modules designed to enhance MRO performance. These modules are specific to contract management, engineering, materials management, production execution, financial and B2B integration.

For example, Impresa now offers a Training and Qualification module that allows MRO organizations to track and monitor the training and certification needed by employees to perform specific tasks on highly engineered assets. Whether required by regulation, contract or operating practice, MRO organizations are better able to align qualified resources with the requirements of specific tasks in the operational workload.

Impresa 7i2 also includes a B2B portal for communicating messages through the supply chain via Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) or XML. The ATA Spec 2000 protocol, the world standard for commercial aviation suppliers, airlines and repair agencies, is supported natively. Impresa's EDI functionality also supports ANSI X12 or, if required, customer-defined protocols.

"E-commerce is an essential part of any business, whether receiving a customer requirement, placing or rescheduling a purchase order or communicating with external services," said Don Beahm, director of product marketing for Avexus. "The B2B portal combines broad protocol support with the greatest flexibility to ensure that organizations can take advantage of what EDI has to offer for B2B integration."

Enhanced features of Impresa 7i2 include:

- "Center of Excellence" Purchasing. The new procurement module helps organizations to accelerate their supply chain by enabling an automated, flexible and seamless procurement process. The functionality gives Impresa users the ability to have multiple centers of centralized purchasing throughout a multi-site enterprise and to process volume purchases, eliminate redundant paperwork and leverage purchasing staff knowledge.

- Centralized Engineering. This enables organizations to efficiently expedite the design, repair and approval processes for projects that require engineering resources with specialized skills. The functionality reduces the need for duplicate skill sets at multiple facilities, reduces certification down time and alleviates resource scheduling conflicts. It can also aggregate civil engineering resources such as sewer, electrical and gas lines for military base or commercial facility MRo needs.

- Tooling. The tooling module has been enhanced to support the needs of organizations to track the calibration, manufacture date, purchase date and serial number of each tool, along with the project for which the tool was used. Tracking at this level ensures regulatory compliance, facilitates process audits and reduces process time and paperwork.

- Data Archiving. The Data Archiving module provides flexible archiving based on user-defined criteria. Data can be archived or restored by date, customer or other criteria.

- Usability. Impresa 7i2 features a significantly enhanced paradigm for how the user interacts with the application based on user roles and tree navigation. Using the tree navigator, Impresa can "scope" easily from a multi-site enterprise down to individual users. Database security has also been enhanced and is role based.

- Quoting. Customer quoting is significantly enhanced in Impresa 7i2. Incremental quotes may be generated throughout the overhaul cycle with simulated material kitting and the option of pre-picking material to a particular quote. Incremental quotes can be customer approved and frozen or updated, and the final invoice will accurately reflect the terms of the agreed quote. Impresa improves the ability to provide timely and accurate quotes to MRO customers and to better manage the overhaul and billing process.

- Business Intelligence Functionality. Impresa 7i2 includes business intelligence functionality based upon the wealth of critical MRO information that is tracked within Impresa. Cognos tools provide ad hoc reporting, queries, drill-downs and data summarization in the form of Key Performance Indicators. This data provides the basis for informed business analysis and timely decision-making by managers and corporate decision makers.

About Avexus, Inc.
Avexus, Inc. specializes in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) software solutions for organizations involved in aftermarket support of long-life, highly engineered assets.

The company's flagship product, Impresa,(tm) crosses the boundaries between traditional enterprise asset management (EAM), maintenance, repair and operations (MRo) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system capabilities, delivering a "best-of breed" MRO solution that helps manufacturing and maintenance organizations schedule, plan and manage the intricate maintenance processes associated with high-value, complex assets.

Avexus customers include BAE SYSTEMS, Bearing Inspection, Boeing,
General Electric, Goodrich, TRW, the U.S. Air Force, the U.S. Navy and Pemco Aeroplex. Avexus is headquartered in San Diego, Calif. For more information on Avexus, visit

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