MP 14 Controllers feature 12 in. high-resolution touchscreen display.

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MP 14 Controllers can catalog 10,000-100,000 different types of items in inventory. Units allow customer interface vertical storage units to ERP systems and exchange information through SOAP. These MP 14 controllers are designed for Rotomat® Vertical Carousels and Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs). Units maximize space utilization by its intelligent search for available storage locations within the vertical unit.

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Hänel Storage Systems Launches Revolutionary New Automated Vertical Storage Controller

Hänel Storage Systems, a leader in the manufacture and integration of vertical automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS), is pleased to announce the launch of their latest controller option for use with its Rotomat® Vertical Carousels and Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs).

The advanced Hänel MP 14 controller features a 12-inch, high-resolution touchscreen display and a number of other upgrades, for extraordinary functionality and ease of use.

The MP 14 controller can catalog 10,000-100,000 different types of items in inventory, depending on the microprocessor installed – the only controller on the market that can handle such a large amount – and allows more data to be entered at the same time. It also can intelligently search for available storage locations within the vertical unit, so it ensures that every inch of space is utilized.

The new controller’s 12-inch screen is an improvement over previous Hänel controllers, the largest of which has an 8.5-inch screen. Its large screen size features a virtual keyboard directly on the touchscreen, in addition to a classic alphanumeric keyboard, and it allows users to drag and drop items into storage for effortless inventory management.

“The MP 14 represents a 40 percent increase in screen real estate,” said Craig Sinclair, Hänel Systems Integration Manager. “This provides many benefits, including the display and editing of all data on one screen, plus the drag-and-drop definition of storage containers for quick and easy shelf layout adjustment to find available space. It also has the ability for detailed, graphical, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol)-based custom web interfaces.”

All Hänel controllers allow customers to interface vertical storage units to their own enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and exchange information via SOAP. This allows processes running on different operating systems to communicate using a single computer language.

Hänel is the only automated vertical storage manufacturer that includes advanced inventory control functionality built into their machines with a simple and robust microprocessor, while other suppliers must integrate PCs and additional software.

“The MP 14 is extremely versatile, offering multiple operating modes and interface options,” Sinclair added. “This sets a new standard for user interfaces on vertical storage solutions.” These operating modes are available on all Hänel controllers, and allow the company’s solutions to meet almost any customer requirement:

  • MP 14 Standalone – Integrated storage location management, with multiple integration options to the customer’s host system.
  • MP 14 HostData – Storage location management provided by the customer’s host system, with all the benefits of a user interface, including route optimization.
  • MP 14 HostWeb – Storage location management provided by Hänel’s own HänelSoft® software, or the customer’s host system, with custom graphical interfaces displayed by the controller’s integrated web browser.

Hänel vertical storage systems can integrate with almost any software or system, as long as that software or system can output data.

The MP 14 will debut at the MODEX 2018 trade show on April 9-12 in Atlanta, GA. Hänel’s parent company, Hänel Büro- und Lagersysteme in Bad Friedrichshall, Germany, previously debuted the controller for the European market at CeMAT 2016, the world’s foremost intralogistics trade show.

About Hänel Storage Systems

Hänel Storage Systems is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, and specializes in the design and engineering of Rotomat® vertical storage carousels and Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Module for a wide range of industries and applications. Hänel provides sales, service and technical support to North America and South America through a network of factory-trained channel partners and service providers.

Introduced in 1957, the Rotomat® Vertical Carousel is based on the Ferris Wheel principal. Inventory is stored in a series of carriers that rotate within the unit and are accessed at a single opening. This vertical “goods to the user” concept improves productivity, lowers costs, increases security and saves valuable floor space.

Introduced in 1994, the Lean-Lift® Vertical Lift Module stores inventory on trays that are automatically measured for height each time they enter the unit. A vertical extractor automatically places the tray within the unit in a location that maximizes available storage space. Trays can be equipped with dividers, totes, bins and specialized holders to store any type of inventory.

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