Mouser Electronics Exclusively Stocking Micro LITEPIPES® from VCC

New LMC Series has unique flush design allowing light transmission from surface mount or through-hole LED to front display panel.

Mansfield, Texas, USA - July 17, 2007 - Mouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is the only distributor stocking the LMC Series of Micro LITEPIPES® from Visual Communications Company (VCC), a leading manufacturer of LED lenses, mounts, light pipes, standoffs, connectors, and cable assemblies.

The new 2.5mm diameter LMC Series has a unique flush design allowing light transmission from a surface mount or through-hole LED to the front display panel. The LITEPIPE® transmits light from the source to the lens, dispensing the light up to 160 degrees; and increases the apparent brightness and viewing angle of a PCB-mounted LED. The series is available in sizes ranging from .200" to 1.20", and is virtually unseen until the LED is activated.

VCC LITEPIPES® are available for use with surface mount and standard package 3mm and 5mm LEDs. The circuit board can be installed or removed without disturbing the panel display because there is no physical connection between the LITEPIPE® and PCB-mounted LED.

"Mouser's rapid time to market provides our customers with quick access to our latest products," according to Mark Baker, VCC National Sales Director.

"One of Mouser's core competencies is to rapidly stock and market new products for our design engineering customers," said Mike Scott, Mouser's Vice President of Active Products, "and exclusively stocking VCC's new Micro LITEPIPE® allows us to create added value for our engineering customers' new product designs."
Mouser's broad-based product line, unsurpassed customer service, and streamlined warehouse operations make them the design engineer's one-stop shop for all the board-level components and associated development tools necessary for total project design.

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Mouser Electronics, Inc. is an electronic component distributor, focused on the rapid introduction of new products and technologies to electronic design engineers. features over 845,000 products online from more than 330 manufacturers. Mouser's 1,850+ page catalog is published every 90 days, providing designers with up-to-date data on the components now available for the next generation of electronic devices. Mouser ships globally to over 280,000 customers in 170 countries from its 432,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility in Mansfield, Texas. For more information, visit

About Visual Communications Company, Inc.
With more than three decades of operational excellence, Visual Communications Company is recognized as a pioneer in the development and delivery of today's most innovative mounting solutions for the Optoelectronics industry. Its core products include lenses for panel and circuit board mounted LEDs, standard and custom cable assemblies for interconnecting LEDs from the power source to the display panel, and LITEPIPES® for transmitting the light of surface-mounted or through-hole LEDs to the display panel. VCC changes the way engineers approach LED mounting solutions. From the design stage to market, VCC applies cutting-edge technology to turn ideas into light delivery management solutions. For more information, visit

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