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Industry's First Pin-, Peripheral-, and Tool-Compatible 8/32-bit Microcontrollers

Mansfield, Texas, USA -January 14, 2008 - Mouser Electronics, Inc., known for its rapid introduction of the newest products, today announced it is stocking the fully-qualified Flexis(TM) Microcontroller Series from Freescale Semiconductor, a global supplier of embedded semiconductors for the automotive, consumer, industrial, networking, and wireless markets.

An industry first, the Flexis QE devices offer pin-for-pin, development tool, and peripheral set compatibility between 8-bit and 32-bit. The QE products currently include 64- and 80-pin versions of 8- and 32-bit microcontrollers that make the design process quick, easy, and limitless - delivering the ultimate in migration flexibility.

"Freescale's advanced Flexis microcontrollers offer our design engineering customers a unique scalability for their new projects," said Mike Scott, Mouser Vice President of Active Products. "Customers can utilize the same footprint on the board for their entry-level as well as full-featured products, maximizing their investments in new designs."

The Flexis family enables migration between low-end and high-performance embedded design with exceptional ease, speed, cost-effectiveness, and ultra-low-power operating efficiency. The compatible architectures and tools make it easy to expand into new embedded markets without having to invest heavily in software rewrites and conversion to a new architecture.

The Flexis series provides the 8- to 32-bit "connection point" on Freescale's Controller Continuum - the industry's only roadmap for compatible 8- and 32-bit architectures. This enables developers to migrate between low-end and high-performance embedded designs with exceptional ease, speed, cost-effectiveness, and with ultra-low-power operating efficiency.

The Flexis devices offer industry-leading ultra-low-power features to help minimize operating costs and extend battery life. The MCUs can run off an external 32-kilohertz oscillator that consumes less than 1µA of current, have an internal voltage regulator that enables fast wake up from stop modes with a typical wake-up time of 6µs, and stop modes with extremely low power that offers 370nA of current in the lowest power stop mode. Clock gating can disable clocks to unused modules, further reducing run-mode power consumption by as much as 33 percent.

By providing a clear migration path and low power consumption, the Flexis MCUs open up a wide range of possibilities in a variety of consumer and industrial applications, including health care instrumentation and monitoring, factory automation, point-of-sale equipment, fire and security systems, HVAC and building control, metering and consumer appliances. The compatible architectures and tools make it easy to expand into new embedded markets without having to invest heavily in software rewrites and conversion to a new architecture.

To ease board design, the full-featured EVBQE128 evaluation board and the cost-effective DEMOQE128 demonstration board, as well as an extensive library of reference designs and application notes are available.

Mouser's broad-based product line, unsurpassed customer service, and streamlined warehouse operations make the distributor the design engineer's one-stop shop for all the components and associated development tools necessary for total project design.

Mouser Electronics is the only major distributor to publish a new 1,900+ page print catalog every 90 days. In addition, its website with interactive online catalog is updated daily, contains more than 900,000 products for easy online purchase, provides over 1.5 million cross-references, as well as more than 677,000 downloadable data sheets, supplier-specific reference designs, application notes, and other technical design information.

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