Mott Exhibits Sintered Porous Metal Products for Biopharmaceutical Processes

FARMINGTON, CT — Mott Corporation, the industry leader in porous metal technology and filtration, will be displaying all-metal spargers and filter designs focused on biopharm processes at the ISPE Annual Product Show, October 2, 2013, Gillette Stadium (Foxborough, MA) at Booth #66.

Mott will be featuring our quick change sparger design that reduces the time and effort it takes to replace sparger elements in bioreactors and fermentors. The quick change sparger is configured with a uniquely designed adapter that allows easy assembly to the mating sparger tip and easy removal for replacement after each batch. This eliminates the need to re-weld the tip or clean the entire assembly. These spargers are durable and corrosion resistant, and the porosity of the media provides exceptional mass transfer efficiency throughout the tank.

Mott will also display their cartridge filters for vent, steam and gas line applications. These all-metal products provide superior strength, performance, and long life in biopharmaceutical processes. Mott filters are impervious to steam, heat, and most chemical agents and can survive an almost unlimited number of sterilization cycles or can be discarded after each campaign. Mott porous metal performs in high temperatures, corrosive environments, and provides mechanical stability. Cartridges are available with 222 or 226 Code 7 connections and can be purchased separately or with the filter housing. O-rings are also available in a wide variety of materials.

Mott porous metal products are available in corrosion resistant alloys like 316LSS, Nickel, Hastelloy, Titanium and other alloys offering long term resistance to corrosive cleaning agents. To request additional information on Mott’s porous metal products for biopharmaceutical processes, call 1-860-747-6333 or E-mail: For more information about Mott, please visit the ResourceCenter on our website at

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