Motorola at SCTE 2006 - Seamless Mobility Solutions that Enable Cable Operators to Meet Next-Generation Network Opportunities

Motorola innovations enable cable operators to seamlessly create experiences that span inside and outside the home

DENVER, June 20 / - As broadband and wireless networks converge and cable operators are called upon to deploy bandwidth- intensive, experience-based services to their increasingly mobile customers, Motorola, Inc. (NYSE:MOT) delivers the solutions that enable operators to meet this challenge - and further demonstrates its global leadership in wireless and broadband.

Motorola innovations enable cable operators to deliver seamless mobility experiences that span broadband and wireless networks. The portfolio on display this week at the 2006 SCTE Cable-Tec Expo (Colorado Convention Center, Denver, 21-23 June, Stand #176) makes it easy for providers to deliver digital entertainment to any nearby screen, unify voice-over-IP and cellular calling on one device, or send personalized information on-demand to a customer's location.

These leading voice, video, data, and mobility solutions embrace open and emerging standards, such as Internet Protocol (IP), OCAP® (open cable applications platform), MPEG-4, PacketCable(TM) Multimedia (PCMM), and channel bonding, among others. This offers cable operators the freedom to pick and choose the components that work best to drive their particular business model, and the confidence to know that each piece will work with the rest.

"The Motorola solutions showcased at SCTE make it easier for cable engineers to develop and to efficiently deploy seamless mobility experiences that span both wireless and broadband networks," said Dan Moloney, president, Motorola Connected Home Solutions. "Motorola's experience in wireless, broadband, and content delivery can help operators deploy these new services alongside existing technologies, extending their brands beyond the home and creating new revenue building opportunities."

Booth Demonstrations. Motorola will share its insights, showcase a broad variety of solutions, and demonstrate emerging technologies at SCTE. Highlights include:

o MediaCipher(TM) IP. As cable customer demand grows for new, broadband
connected devices in and around the home, having a secure framework for
handling all forms of digital content becomes increasingly important.
Motorola MediaCipher IP uses a common infrastructure with Motorola's
traditional cable security system, so digital set-tops on a
conventional network, IP-set-tops on a "switched" video network, and IP
devices on a DOCSIS®-based network can all be managed through a
single control platform.

o Channel-Bonding Solutions. Powerful ultra-broadband capabilities that
will empower operators to deliver over 145 Mbps of downstream DOCSIS®
data services - up to four times the downstream capacity as defined in
the DOCSIS 2.0 standard. The end-to-end demonstration at SCTE will
include the BSR 64000 CMTS edge/router and a next-generation,
channel-bonding capable cable modem.

o Cable MESH. Motorola will unveil a new wireless services solution
based on the company's MESH networking platform that enables cable
operators to utilize their existing access network infrastructure to
easily deploy Wi-Fi® hotspots throughout metro areas. The new
Motorola Cable MESH solution can efficiently expand the coverage of the
hybrid-fiber coax (HFC) broadband network without running new cable,
enabling seamless, wireless access to broadband IP services outside of
the home.

o Follow Me TV. Seamlessly access stored digital entertainment - whether
high-definition video on a DVR, music on a laptop, or pictures on
digital camera - from any connected device in the home. Move recordings
from a Motorola DVR to next-generation MOTORAZR for use on the go, or
even schedule recordings from a remote location through linked DVR and
mobile technologies.

o OCAP® 1.0 Software Solution. Motorola will demonstrate its
commitment to delivering an end-to-end OCAP solution. Showcased will
be the Guideworks® and Aptiv Digital interactive guide products
running on the Motorola OCAP® software platform. Additionally, the
company will preview an end-to-end headend solution featuring the
SoftTel-USA MediaSphere(TM) TX DSM-CC object carousel playing out
electronic program guide (EPG) applications to the Motorola DCT6412.

o Motorola Host Solutions. Motorola will also show its commitment to
Host-based solutions, demonstrating live a Host set-top with enhanced
functionality through Multi-Stream CableCARD(TM) support.

o Fiber Deep Architecture. With the accelerating demand for
bandwidth-intensive broadcast and narrowcast services - such as
high-speed Internet access, HDTV and VOD - operators must extend the
capacity and reach of their networks. Motorola will demonstrate its
extensive optical product portfolio, including the GX2 optical platform
as well as the SG4000 collector and SG4000/SG1000 satellite nodes;
which allow cable operators to realize the benefits of "fiber deep".

o 1 GHz Portfolio. Motorola's 1 GHz portfolio of products enables
operators to upgrade their network to deliver ultra-broadband speeds
and rich multimedia services. On display will be optical transmitters,
nodes, amplifiers, and passives. The amplifiers and nodes are capable
of being upgraded to mid-split (5-85 MHz) return path to increase
upstream bandwidth for data and telephony. The 1 GHz SG4000 optical
node can be migrated to an all optical "fiber deep" node as additional
segmentation is required.

o Switched Digital Video Network Architecture. Motorola's open
standards-based switched digital video architecture allows operators to
make more efficient use of their network resources. The solution
integrates with their legacy video components, yet provides the
flexibility of an end-to-end solution for new installations. Motorola
will demonstrate a video headend integrated with Vertasent's resource
management technology that enables QAM sharing between an operator's
switched, broadcast video, and VOD services.

o SmartStream Device Manager. The Motorola SmartStream Device Manager
(SDM) connects Motorola headend products with network management
systems to relay the health, status, and configurations of the
increasing number of complex headend operating elements. As headends
become more sophisticated and digital programming and interactive
applications increase, the SDM provides an easier and more efficient
way to control, manage, and monitor Motorola digital headend systems.

Speakers at SCTE. Motorola experts making presentations at SCTE include:

o "Implementing Wireless Mesh Networks" will be presented by Tony
Filanowski, Senior Member of Technical Staff, on Thursday, June 22 at
8:00 AM and Friday, June 23 at noon.

o "Maximizing Throughput in the Return Path via DOCSIS® 2.0" will be
presented by Mike Cooper, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff,
on Thursday, June 22 at 8:00 AM and 11 AM.

Learning Center Presentations. Motorola experts will share their experience in wireless and broadband with free, regularly scheduled presentations at Motorola Stand #176. Visit for the most current presentation schedule.

o Fixed-Mobile Voice Convergence: Learn how Motorola can help operators
deliver a seamless voice experience in and out of the home, with
quality of service, common features, and handset power conservation
o Demystifying Wireless Standards: Understanding how technologies such as
802.16, Wi-Fi®, and MESH can be applied to cable network
o Advanced Spectrum Management: Discover how to mitigate the impact of
the various impairments present in the HFC infrastructure and
streamline deployment of DOCSIS® services to subscribers.
o Follow Me TV: A technical overview of making video mobile in and out of
the home.
o OCAP® Seminar. Motorola will also offer a quick-start educational
seminar focusing on the building blocks, practical knowledge, and
applications within the Motorola OCAP® strategy. Topics include: how
OCAP benefits cable operators; a summary of how OCAP impacts Motorola
headend architecture; new software that brings OCAP to Motorola
set-tops; and how Motorola can provide expertise to architect and
implement OCAP solutions.

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