Motorized Pulleys offer integrated shaft encoder.

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BDL motorized pulleys allow conveyor system operators to synchronize product movements. Shaft encoders utilize SKF or SNR pulse outputs to monitor motorized pulley movement and control conveyor belt speed, position, torque, and rotational direction. Accurate conveyor belt movements, up to ±0.0002 in. at speeds of 19-500 fpm, are achievable. Mounted with 2 brackets, pulleys range from 3.18-12.6 in. in diameter with face widths from 7.8-67 in.

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Motorized Pulleys with Integrated Encoders Help Operators Keep Pace

Motorized pulleys with integrated shaft encoders, that allow conveyor system operators to accurately synchronize product movements, are available from BDL America, Wilmington, N.C. The encoders utilize either SKF or SNR pulse outputs to precisely monitor motorized pulley movement to control conveyor belt speed, position, torque and rotational direction. The motorized pulleys have been successfully applied in applications requiring properly timed conveyor movement, such as: positioning, dispensing, adjusting, cutting, tape winding, pick and place operations, and constant speed applications, among others.

The encoders are hermetically sealed within a stainless steel housing, eliminating the possibility of external influences and providing an extremely reliable control system. Accurate conveyor belt movements up to ±0.0002-inches at speeds of 19 to 500 fpm are achievable with the motorized pulley and integrated encoder design. The motorized pulleys are protected from dust and moisture, meeting class IP66 and IP67 standards.

The integrated encoders are available on the complete line of BDL motorized pulleys ranging from diameters of 3.18 to 12.6 inches, and face widths from 7.8 to 67 inches. Power from the motor is transmitted through the gearbox which is coupled to a geared rim fixed to the drum and housing.

Mounted with just two (2) brackets, there is no need for multiple parts - and multiple vendors. Ordering and installation are quick and easy requiring less than half the time needed to install external drives. The motorized pulley requires no external component maintenance.

Motorized pulleys in the BDL family feature durable steel gears with precision cut and honed teeth - reducing noise levels to only 50dB to meet OSHA requirements. Efficient and reliable, the motors run at 96 percent efficiency, saving up to 32 percent (unloaded) and 47 percent (loaded) on power consumption when compared to exposed drives.

The motor's compact design eliminates all external parts, such as: motors, gearboxes, chains or belts, pillow block bearings and associated guards. Virtually maintenance-free, the units only require an oil change after 50,000 hours of operation and the oil change can be performed without removing the motorized pulley from the conveyor.

For more information on motorized pulleys with integrated encoders contact BDL America, 101 Portwatch Way, Wilmington, NC 28412, phone 910-790-8008, fax 910-790-8022, e-mail, web site

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