Motor Set allows performance comparisons.

Press Release Summary:

Set of 4 same-size motors, measuring 80 mm OD by 35 mm stack length, includes 3-phase ac induction motor, 3-phase brushless PM synchronous motor, 3-phase switched reluctance motor, and 3-phase synchronous reluctance motor. Each is housed in aluminum die-cast frame with common mounting bracket. Optical encoder is provided for commutation events. Continuous output power ranges from 100-250 W depending on motor, and shaft speeds reach 4,000 rpm in some models.

Original Press Release:

New Set of Same-Sized Motors for Motor Technology Comparisons

MOTORSOFT® INC., Lebanon, Ohio, has developed a set of four motor technologies in a same-size package (80 mm OD by 35 mm stack length) suitable for comparing performance. A complete
set includes:
o 3 phase ac induction motor
o 3 phase brushless PM synchronous motor
o 3 phase switched reluctance (SR) motor
o 3 phase synchronous reluctance motor

The input voltage has been set at 42 vdc and other voltages are available by special order. The motors' continuous output power ranges from 100 watts to 250 watts depending on motor technology. Motor shaft speeds reach 4000 rpm in some models. Unit peak power values range from twice continuous power up to three times continuous power in some models.

Each motor is housed in an aluminum die-cast frame and can be provided with a common mounting bracket. An optical encoder is provided for commutation events. These motors can be supplied individually or as a full set.

For further information please contact the business office of MOTORSOFT® at 3000 M Henkle Drive, Lebanon, OH 45036, phone (513) 934-4598, fax (513) 934-4599, E-mail: or go to our website at

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