Motor Driver offers crossover-current circuit protection.

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BSD-02 single-axis microstepping driver is suitable for driving bipolar and unipolar step motors from 50 mA to 2.5 A and up to 30 V. Amount of heat dissipated in switching IC is reduced by using 8 external discrete Schottky diodes. Driver can operate in Full-, Half-, Quarter- or Eighth-Step without requiring phase-sequence tables, high frequency control lines, or complex interfaces to program. It can be connected directly to microcontroller or PC and adjusted with on-board potentiometer.

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New 2.5A Microstepping Bipolar Step Motor Driver from Interinar Electronics

April 26, 2006 Quite possible the best driver in this class. What makes this driver different from others is our unique approach to transfer the heat from IC to a large heat sink. Also, we were able to reduce the amount of heat dissipated in switching IC by using eight (8) external discrete Schottky diodes (often not found on other drivers). This way we ended up with the driver that barely needs any forced air cooling and it still costs less. In most applications additional cooling fan will not be necessary (see user manual), what saves more money and simplifies design. The BSD-02 module is a complete single-axis microstepping driver suitable for driving bipolar and unipolar step motors from 50mA to 2.5A and up to 30V. Requires only single power supply. Driver can operate in one of the 4 stepping modes: Full-, Half-, Quarter- or Eighth- Step without requiring any phase-sequence tables, high frequency control lines or complex interfaces to program. Easy to use STEP/DIRECTION inputs require simple TTL signals. Can be connected directly to the microcontroller or PC if common safety guidance are followed. Driver can be easily adjusted to virtually any motor up to 2.5A by adjusting on- board potentiometer. It may be used to drive bipolar as well as unipolar motors, 6- and 8-wire types. It will not drive 5-wire motors. Features o +/- 2.5A, 30V Output Rating o Eight external Schottky diodes on board o Crossover-Current Circuit Protection o Under-Voltage Lockout Protection o Thermal Shutdown Protection o Automatic Current-Decay Mode o Enable and Sleep Inputs o Built-in Translator o Translator Home State Output o Reduced audible motor noise o Increased step accuracy o Low Quiescent Current (10mA MAX) o Single power supply o Small footprint 2.75"x2.75" Available now for only $62. URL: driver BSD-02.htm Contact Name: Miroslaw Wiater E-mail:

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