Motor Controllers handle harsh environments.

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Python DSP-based motor controllers provide intelligence required to implement single-axis, motor-controlled drive system. Stand-alone motor control board, Model PW-86010N1, provides precision control of external power stage. Model PW-86010N2 features integral 3-phase power stage capable of delivering up to 20.25 kW. Python may be configured to provide basic control of torque, speed, or position applications.

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DSP-Based Motor Controller for Harsh Environments

Bohemia, New York (June 9, 2003) - Data Device Corporation (DDC) is expanding its Motor Controller Product Line with the introduction of the Python Motor Controller ("Python") designed for operation in the harsh environmental conditions found in demanding industrial and military applications.

The Python is a DSP-based motor controller that provides the intelligence required to implement a single axis motor controlled drive system. Available in two versions: a stand-alone motor control board (part number PW-86010N1) for precision control of an external power stage and an integrated solution featuring the controller with an integral 3-phase power stage (part number PW-86010N2) capable of delivering up to 20.25 kW. The development system features a user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) that does not require coding. The Python may be configured to provide basic control of torque, speed, or position applications. Motors may be brushless DC or induction type. Power device switching schemes may be 4-quadrant trapezoidal or sinusoidal (vector) drive.

The Python contains features that simplify motor control and reduce development time. CANbus is supported initially and other communications options such as RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, and ProfiBus will be added as product upgrades. Hardware configurable options such as a resolver-to-digital interface with oscillator, and Input/Output options that simplify controller development are included. The extensive input options include: motor voltage and current sense inputs, over current and short circuit detection inputs, hardware configurable user programmable digital and analog inputs, one user programmable
synchronous serial port, and three Hall effect sensor inputs with 5V power source. Outputs include outputs for power transistors gate control, outputs for pre-charge bypass or bus discharge circuits, outputs for gate driver reset and enable signals, optically isolated solid-state relay outputs for coordinating external hardware operation with the motor control, and two LED's for board level fault and status display.

"The Python motor controller enables designers to achieve high performance at low cost. The hardware and software flexibility of Python can be exploited to use the same common motor controller module in a variety of system designs," said Amir Massumi, Director of Marketing at DDC. "The common module across a number of system designs translates to lower overall cost of system development for our customers," he added.

Data Device Corporation is an international leader in high-reliability data networking technology for military and commercial applications. Established in 1964 with the introduction of the first synchro-to-digital module, DDC has design and manufacturing facilities in their Bohemia, New York
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