Motion Feedback Encoders suit space-restricted designs.

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Measuring 8.4 mm tall, Mercury(TM) miniature encoders are vented and compatible with 10-8 Torr vacuum levels. Programmable Model M3500 features resolution to 5 nm, RS-422 compatible quadrature output, plus alignment and setup using integral LED indicators. Model M1000V provides analog sine/cosine output for use with interpolation electronics. SmartSignal(TM) alignment tool is used for alignment and setup procedures.

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Miniature Vacuum Encoder Systems from MicroE Systems Enable Compact, High Performance Equipment Designs: Programmable and Analog Model Encoders

February 17, 2004, Natick MA:

MicroE Systems has introduced five miniature vacuum-compatible motion feedback encoders to its family of high performance Mercury(TM) kit encoders. The sensors measure 8.4mm tall, 1/3 the height of competitive sensors, and are ideal for space-restricted designs. Importantly, one sensor operates in both linear and rotary applications. Available models include the M3500V programmable encoder with resolution to 5 nanometers. It features RS 422 compatible quadrature output, programmable resolution and output frequency, plus alignment and setup in under 30 seconds using integral LED indicators. The M1000V, an analog output encoder, provides sine/cosine output for use with your interpolation electronics. The SmartSignal(TM) alignment tool is used with the M1000V for alignment and setup procedures. All vacuum encoder sensors are vented and compatible with 10-8 Torr vacuum levels. Materials are designed for a 48hr bake out at 150°C. The sensor cable is un-terminated, allowing termination at the vacuum bulkhead with any connector. Atmospheric-side connections to the motion controller are made using double-shielded cable and standard connectors supplied by MicroE Systems for "Best -In-Class" noise immunity.

Optional SmartSignal(TM) software is available for encoder setup, monitoring and diagnostics. SmartSignal software allows users to view position data in the units of their choice, or as data plots. These include Lissajous plots of raw and corrected signals, plots of position vs. signal strength and position vs. velocity.

Consult the factory for OEM pricing. OEM custom orders for encoders and scales are welcome.

The Mercury(TM) product line includes 21 models in programmable, digital, analog, and vacuum compatible styles. The company also markets the ChipEncoder(TM) digital encoder family. At 6mm square, ChipEncoder(TM) is the smallest high performance encoder in the industry. MicroE Systems is the leader in encoder innovation and is celebrating its 10-year anniversary.

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