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Based on RMC150E CPU module with built-in, full-duplex 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port, multi-axis Model RMC150 can handle max of 8 synchronized axes, while Model RMC151 can control 8 dual-loop position-pressure/force axes. Programming, configuration, diagnostics, and automatic tuning is achieved using RMCTools software. Controller uses RMC100 Series motion interface modules and can be mixed and matched in more than 500 configurations of 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-axis.

Original Press Release:

Delta Announces New RMC150 Multi-Axis Motion Controller Production Schedule

July 15, 2007 - Vancouver, WA - Delta Computer Systems, Inc. has announced the production release of the NEW RMC150 multi-axis motion controller. As of July, Delta's distribution channel is actively quoting and delivering RMC150/151 motion controllers (RMC151 includes pressure/force) for applications in North American and international regions.

The RMC150 multi-axis motion controller includes Delta's powerful new RMC150E CPU module with a built-in 10/100 Mbit Ethernet port and takes advantage of Delta's field proven RMC100 Series I/O modules. Programming, configuration, diagnostics and automatic tuning is achieved using Delta's field hardened RMCTools software-yielding a hardware and software combination that is a leap forward in capability and ease-of-use for fluid power and electric servo motion control applications. The RMC150 can handle a maximum of eight synchronized axes; additionally the RMC151 can control eight dual-loop position-pressure/force axes, twice the previous maximums.

Steve Nylund, Delta's CEO stated, "The RMC150 with RMCTools delivers even more functionality and ease of use to multi-axis fluid power and servo electric motion applications." Nylund added, "Delta's powerful and intuitive RMCTools software has been field proven for the past three years on Delta's 1- and 2-axis RMC70 Series and will serve to quickly make the RMC150 a popular choice for both basic and complex multi-axis applications."

RMCTools software features flexible User Programs with extensive commands including robust mathematical expressions complementing setup wizards, automated loop tuning wizards and a plot manager for graphic based diagnostics.

The RMC150 uses RMC100 Series motion interface modules and can be "mixed and matched" in more than 500 configurations of 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-axis for flexible motion control choices. And built-in full duplex 10/100Mbit Ethernet port with a convenient USB port provides a programming connection freeing up a module slot for expanded discrete I/O.

About Delta Computer Systems: For more than 25 years, Delta has been a supplier of motion controllers, color sensors, and other industrial products that enable OEMs and integrators to build better machines and get to market quickly. For more information contact Bill Savela, Delta Computer Systems, Inc. 11719 NE 95th Street, Suite D, Vancouver, WA 98682. Phone 360-254-8688, fax 360-254-5435, or email

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