Motion Control Software communicates with intelligent drives.

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SoftMotion Controller allows engineers to use LabVIEW graphical development environment to create distributed motion applications. IEEE 1394-based ServoWire SM drives from ORMEC, and CANopen-based Accelnet and Xenus drives from Copley can be programmed with NI-Motion API in LabVIEW. Programmable automation controllers can be used to incorporate vibration monitoring, web connectivity, and high-speed analog I/O into distributed motion applications.

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National Instruments Introduces LabVIEW to Distributed Motion

New NI SoftMotion Controller Communicates with IEEE 1394 and CANopen Intelligent Drives

AUSTIN, Texas - June 7, 2005 - Engineers now can use the National Instruments (Nasdaq: NATI) LabVIEW graphical development environment to create powerful distributed motion applications with the new NI SoftMotion Controller for Copley CANopen and ORMEC IEEE 1394 intelligent drives. The NI SoftMotion Controller is a soft motion interface between NI-Motion driver software and distributed intelligent drives. Engineers now can program IEEE 1394-based ServoWire SM drives from ORMEC, and CANopen-based Accelnet and Xenus drives from Copley with the easy-to-use NI-Motion API in LabVIEW. They also can rapidly prototype their distributed motion application using NI Motion Assistant.

With these new controllers, engineers in semiconductor, biomedical, textile, packaging and other industries can use NI programmable automation controllers (PACs) such as industrial PC- and PXI-based hardware for their distributed motion applications. A distributed motion architecture offers many advantages over centralized motion, including simplified cabling with lower setup and maintenance costs. With the NI SoftMotion Controller, engineers also can use NI PACs to incorporate vibration monitoring, Web connectivity and high-speed analog I/O into their distributed motion applications.

The NI SoftMotion Controller runs on LabVIEW Real-Time ETS for Copley CANopen drives and LabVIEW Real-Time RTX for ORMEC ServoWire drives. The NI-Motion 7.0 driver interfaces between the NI SoftMotion Controller and the development environment on Windows 2000/XP. In addition to using LabVIEW with NI Motion Assistant, engineers can program the NI-Motion 7.0 driver in LabWindows/CVI, Microsoft Visual Basic and C programming environments.

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