Motion Capture System provides optical quality data.

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IGS-190H (Hybrid) inertial gyroscopic-ultrasonic tracking motion capture system features ExacTrax, which includes scalable configuration of 1 Sonar Processing Unit (SPU) per 4 sonar sensors. It is offered in 20-sensor/5 SPU configuration. Animazoo Jump Injector editing and auto-cleaning tools are also included and system has temperature factoring feature. Sonar emitter fits onto back of suit and basic 20 sensor system can cover 6 x 6 m space.

Original Press Release:

Animazoo Launches the Revolutionary IGS-190H

Optical quality motion capture data from inertial gyroscopic system for the first time

Award winning motion capture company Animazoo announces the launch of the IGS-190H (Hybrid), the new optical quality hybrid motion capture system. This advanced mocap technology delivers highly accurate, lifelike data and a range of new features.

The IGS-190H combines the powerful features of the existing IGS-190M (Mobile) with a new Ultrasonic system, ExacTrax, and Animazoo Jump Injector, the patent pending editing and auto-cleaning tools. The new editing tools do 80 percent of post-processing in a point and click, intuitive cleaning mechanism.

"The IGS-190H is the next generation for motion capture," said Ali Kord, Founder and Chief Technology Officer, Animazoo. "Users will notice the step change in the quality of their data, even in challenging scenarios such as fast-paced action or movement off the ground. Not only is the data more accurate, it is also more lifelike, we've added extra sensors as well as our most advanced software yet."

Animazoo recently tested the system in a capoeira shoot for games developers Twelve Interactive. This is the first time an inertial gyroscopic system has been used to capture data from capoeira. It is notoriously difficult to capture due to the high speed motion in the air during jumps. In the two-day shoot 200 moves were captured, generating over 1,500 in-game shots.

The new ultrasonic tracking technology, ExacTrax, has been exclusively developed by the Animazoo team to work in conjunction with the IGS-190M and GypsyGyro-18 systems. It includes a scalable configuration of one Sonar Processing Unit (SPU) per 4 sonar sensors (up to 96 sensors per standard PC). The basic system comes with a 20-sensor/ 5 SPU configuration. The hybrid system is designed to accommodate up to 4 IGS-190 systems without needing additional sonar gear.

What sets the IGS-190H apart from usual motion capture technology is the five SPUs, each controlling four microphones. The synchronized ultrasonic ExacTrax hardware collects root position data for the IGS-190M for use in operator-made post-processing and automatic editing.

It works in the following way: the sonar emitter fits onto the back of the suit. This sends an ultrasonic pulse to the sensor microphones, triangulating its position. The SPU receiver modules process the data for the PC.

Powerful features of the IGS-190H also include:

1 New patent pending, ground-breaking features in the joint off-setting program AutoCal

2 New file format with additional bones in the real-time skeleton

3 New additional sensor for the waist

4 New BVH format (compatible with .fbx and Max) with additional spine

5 "improve calibration" feature by waving an emitter

6 Temperature factoring feature

7 No limit on the number of SPU or microphones than can be rigged together (but one PCI card can handle 32 microphones. Standard IGS-190H PC has 3 PCI slots

8 "L-shaped", "snaked", or "multi-room" capture spaces made easy

9 Cost-effective sensors allow multiple permanent capture spaces with one portable central processing system, reducing setup time and equipment costs

10 Outdoor tracking possible

11 Basic 20-sensor system can cover 6m X 6m space (but actor can leave tracking area without interrupting the skeleton data, only tracking data)

12 IGS-190 can be used without its ExacTrax at any time (for mobile applications)

The IGS-190H, inertial gyroscopic-ultrasonic tracking hybrid motion capture system, package includes:

1 Animazoo IGS-190M

2 Exac-Trax:

o 1 emitter (plus 2 spare)

o 20 sensors (plus 4 spare)

o 2 Transmitters (plus 2 spare)

o 5 Sonar processing Units (SPU)

o PC & monitor

o New revolutionary Keyframe & Jump trajectory editing software

o Cables

o Tripods and T-bars for hanging 20 sensors

o Comprehensive tailored training program on hardware and software

For further press information please contact Ruth Reynolds on 07976 909044 or

About Animazoo:

Animazoo has been at the forefront of innovation in the world of motion capture since the early 90's. Based in Brighton, the company is the manufacturer of the award winning Gypsy mocap range and the original groundbreaking gyroscopic IGS-190. It is the market leader in its field.

Portable, accurate and easy to operate, Animazoo products are used for live to air television broadcasts, live performance animation, even in assisting motorcycle designers and future astronauts.

Animazoo's motion capture technology is used around the globe by a host of household names including; game developers such as Rockstar North - producers of Grand Theft Auto, and broadcasters including the BBC and RAI TV in Italy. Systems are also used at some of the world's most prestigious universities including Warwick, Glasgow Caledonian, Tokyo and MIT.

For further information about Animazoo visit: or call +44 (0) 1273 417440.

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