Morris Material Handling Supplies Cranes and Services for Nuclear Applications

OAKCREEK, WI (May 4, 2009)-Morris Material Handling provides a full range of nuclear services and regulatory-approved overhead lifting equipment for nuclear power plants in the United States and throughout the world. Heavy load handling in nuclear facilities requires equipment constructed to withstand the highly demanding circumstances without losing control of loads, impairing facility operations or equipment, or causing harm to workers, public health, and the environment. As the original equipment manufacturer of P&H® Cranes, Hoists, & Replacement Parts, Morris Material Handling builds overhead lifting and material handling equipment that meets the most stringent industry and regulatory safety requirements for nuclear applications.

Safe, dependable equipment is essential in nuclear power plants and other critical load handling facilities. P&H nuclear cranes from Morris Material Handling are designed and manufactured with precise speed control, safety features, and critical load handling capabilities to operate reliably under the most extreme load handling conditions. Engineered with single failure proof (SFP) crane features, P&H nuclear crane models include: Supersafe(TM) Single Failure Proof Cranes, Polar Reactor and BWR Cranes, Spent Fuel Handling Cranes, Nuclear Dry Cask Transporters, Manipulator Cranes, Radiation Waste Cranes, Containment Jib Outage Support Cranes, and Missile Shield Cranes. Morris Material Handling also provides nuclear refueling and fuel handling equipment, under hook attachments, steam generator and reactor head lifting equipment, and robotic/remotely operated equipment.

Morris Material Handling is audited and approved by the Nuclear Procurement Issues Committee (NUPIC) as a supplier of nuclear safety-related equipment. Due to the proven critical load handling capabilities of P&H cranes from Morris Material Handling, many nuclear power plants in the United States and numerous nuclear facilities worldwide use P&H cranes and other material handling equipment. Morris Material Handling pioneered and continues to advance many of the equipment designs and concepts used in nuclear plants today.

Morris Material Handling designs overhead and material handling equipment to meet strict nuclear regulations for heavy load (more than one ton) handling equipment. Dropping a heavy nuclear load such as a fuel cask could rupture the load structure, damage safe shutdown equipment, or even cause a radioactive release. It is imperative that nuclear plant operators use equipment that will prevent or reduce the likelihood of these severely detrimental accidents. Morris Material Handling designs all nuclear equipment in accordance with 10CFR50 Appendix B, a list of federal requirements set by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) to establish quality assurance and safety criteria for the design, construction, and operation of nuclear equipment and systems.

Morris Material Handling also maintains memberships with the National Safety Council, the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), and many other crane and hoist manufacturer associations. As an ASME member, Morris Material Handling meets the unique, nuclear-specific standards of ASME NOG-1: Rules for Construction of Overhead and Gantry Cranes. P&H nuclear cranes meet the standards of ASME NOG-1 that address all the issues important for nuclear facility cranes, including quality assurance, dynamic seismic analysis, SFP crane features, and other design criteria specific to the prevention of overloading and load dropping.

As an equipment provider whose ongoing commitment includes increasing productivity and uptime, Morris Material Handling provides nuclear services and equipment designed to reduce outage time. Morris Material Handling offers extensive experience working in containment, and provides a full range of nuclear services including outage support and supervision, nuclear crane upgrades, and equipment modernizations to help mitigate the chances of hazardous load handling incidents. Morris Material Handling also conducts engineering evaluations and equipment feasibility studies, inspection services, and on-site training at nuclear facilities.

To find out more about nuclear cranes and services from Morris Material Handling, contact Morris Material Handling, 315 W. Forest Hill Avenue, Oak Creek, WI 53154. For the nearest service center anywhere in North America, call 800-933-3001 or visit

About Morris Material Handling

Morris Material Handling is a world-class supplier of overhead cranes and maintenance services, and the original equipment manufacturer of P&H® Cranes, Hoists, and Replacement Parts. Headquarters are in Wisconsin, where the original company was founded in 1884. The company serves customers in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, and Chile, with over 1,000 employees in multiple service and manufacturing locations. Their on-going commitment is to improve safety, productivity, and return on investment over the entire life-cycle of its customers' operations.

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