Monitoring a Vacation Home Through the Winter

Wireless Data Logger Monitors Residential Temperature and Humidity

CHESTERLAND OH - CAS DataLoggers recently supplied a low-cost recording and alarming device to a homeowner in the Northeast who needed continual monitoring for his summer vacation home for temperature and humidity. This way the caretaker (a relative) could be alerted whenever the temperature was cold enough to cause burst pipes and other damage. This system would also need to be able to send current data several times a day and send warning emails whenever temperatures became too cold, or humidity too high. Since the house hadn't yet been winterized, the owner wanted a quick delivery, but had no idea which technology or brand would be best for this setup.

After calling CAS DataLoggers and speaking with an Applications Specialist, the owner decided on a Wireless Data Logger Network Base Station, installing it onto a wall in a downstairs hallway using the supplied wall brackets. 2 Wide-Range Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers were then installed onto walls at opposite ends of the ground floor in the kitchen and living room to get good coverage. The remote units linked via wireless communication to the LAN network base station which automatically downloaded their recorded data. The base station then sent that data via the home's LAN network to the caretaker and owner's e-mail addresses. These temperature and humidity recorders measured ambient temperature from -30°C to -80°C (-22°F to -112°F) as well as relative humidity levels from 0-99% RH. Temperature recordings were made at a high 0.3°C accuracy, and humidity readings at 2.5% RH accuracy.

Both the owner and caretaker kept tabs on the data through the free online WebStorage Service provided by the manufacturer giving them the convenience of sharing the data via the Internet. This was perfect for allowing both of them to view the same data via web browser from anywhere, anytime, as long as an internet connection was available. If after the Base Unit was installed and operation had begun, the caretaker or owner wanted to make any settings changes or register a newly-installed remote data logger, this was still possible from a distance over the network without anyone having to enter the house to collect the Base Unit.

Additionally, the caretaker set the base station to automatically send its current readings via network as an email to both the caretaker and himself once every 6 hours for comparison. An additional benefit of this was that they would also be alerted to a possible power outage in the house if they ever stopped receiving emails, which could help them to compensate for any failure of the central heating system.

Using its local alarm in and out connections, if a measurement exceeded one of the set upper or lower temperature or humidity limits, the base station judged whether or not a warning had just occurred. If so, notification was shown by the LED lamp and a warning e-mail report was immediately sent to the specified e-mail addresses.

The wireless base station and remote units were an efficient low-cost solution for the owner's residential monitoring needs. Whenever the home became too cold or humid, the caretaker was notified and could adjust the home's climate control to remedy the problem before the home sustained any long-term damage. Additional wireless dataloggers could be added to monitor other values such as current/voltage, forming a completely customizable monitoring system. It was also possible to add Repeaters to further extend wireless ranges.

For more information on the new T&D combo temperature/humidity dataloggers, additional T&D data loggers monitoring many other values, or to find the ideal solution for your application-specific needs, contact a CAS Data Logger Applications Specialist at (800) 956-4437 or visit the website at

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