Monel Grease Fittings withstand harsh environments.

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Monel fittings provide corrosion and temperature resistance in severe operating conditions such as military equipment, pulp & paper mills, chemical processing plants, oil processing equipment, and marine applications. Monel fittings provide higher strength and greater resistance than 316 stainless steel when exposed to seawater, brackish water, or high-temperature steam. Operating temperature ranges from sub-zero to 896°F.

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Monel Grease Fittings from Alemite Designed to Withstand the Harshest Corrosive Environments

Alemite is The Only Manufacturer of Monel Fittings in North America

Charlotte, N.C. (March 11, 2004) - Monel grease fittings, produced by Alemite Corporation, provide better corrosion and temperature resistance than any other fittings available, while maintaining a structural strength greater than traditional steel. These performance properties make Alemite Monel fittings ideal for use in severe operating conditions, such as military equipment, pulp & paper mills, chemical processing plants, oil processing equipment and marine applications.

"Alemite is the only major producer of Monel fittings in the world," Richard Sharpless, project manager at Alemite, says. "This is because making the fittings requires unique manufacturing skills. Monel behaves differently than most metals and takes longer to fabricate into complex shapes, such as grease fittings."

Monel is an advanced alloy containing 65 to 70 percent nickel and 30 to 35 percent copper. Alemite's Monel fittings are more corrosion resistant than 316 stainless when exposed to seawater, brackish water or high-temperature steam, and they are ideal for use in harsh chemical environments involving exposure to substances such as ultra-pure water, organic acids, chlorine gas, calcium chloride and vinegar. In addition to corrosion resistance, Monel fittings are stronger than traditional steel and withstand extreme temperatures ranging from sub-zero to approximately 480 degrees Celsius (896 degrees Fahrenheit).

"Most grease fittings are particularly susceptible to corrosion in harsh environments," Terry "Tee" Thomas, Alemite senior research and development engineer, explains. "This can be the source of major problems. Most mechanical joint failures occur because of contaminant, such as corrosion, making its way into the lubricant. Using Alemite Monel fittings in these environments lessens the likelihood of this occurring."

Alemite was established in 1919 and is a leading worldwide provider of lubrication and fluid handling equipment, including pumps, reels, grease fittings, grease guns, accessories and automatic lubrication devices. Headquartered in Charlotte, N.C., Alemite maintains a worldwide sales force and network of distributors. The company's ongoing goal is to serve customer needs by providing high quality products that have high value and utility, with excellent service and support, while maintaining the highest level of integrity.

For more information, contact Alemite Corporation in the U.S. and Canada at 1-866-4-Alemite (1-866-425-36483) or fax to 1-800-648-3917. Information is also available on the Web site, located at

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