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Molson Coors First to Install Infor SCM Advanced Planner 5.0

Updated: April 18th, 2007 08:35 PM EDT

Denver and Montreal: Molson Coors is the first company to install Infor SCM Advanced Planner 5.0, a new version of the supply chain and optimization software.

The brewer is using the solution to solve its highly complex supply chain, which incorporates more than 750 product lines across six breweries and 40 distribution centers.

Built on a 64-bit architecture, the software allows companies to address a growing number of increasingly complex supply chain planning challenges, including movement of more products through more sites, and incorporates real-world scenarios in a single, holistic model.

Infor SCM Advanced Planner 5.0 enables companies to tackle globalization challenges, such as multiple sources of supply and Sarbanes-Oxley compliance, where they must recognize real-world constraints in sourcing products from approved suppliers and countries.

The solution accurately models what-if scenarios, helping organizations proactively develop contingency plans for risk mitigation, and supports least-cost supply chain optimization. Utilizing 64-bit technology and parallel processing to tackle these challenges, the solution allows more responsive optimization to changes in supply-demand conditions and enhanced problem solving performance.

The solution enables Molson Coors to manage inventory and production for all sites while also factoring in capacity constraints of production, warehousing and distribution.

The new version of Advanced Planner allows us to incorporate more detail into the planning process, increasing from 7 million to 38 million the number of variables that we factor in, says Dan Brown, director of supply chain planning for imports and systems for Molson Coors. The accuracy from the additional detail enables us to reduce inventories while maintaining our high customer service levels.

We are now extending our model to dynamically source product beyond the plant level into the individual line level within the plant, further improving the productivity of our plant and resources says Jeff Turner, manager supply chain processes and systems for Molson Coors.

By encompassing all variables within a supply chain, companies like Molson Coors can meet changing demand ahead of time and understand how these changes affect their business.

Other solutions force their users to break the model up into silos which compromise the quality of the total supply chain plan, says Andrew Kinder, director product marketing, supply chain management at Atlanta-based Infor. Infor SCM Advanced Planner 5.0 uniquely combines flexibility and adaptability with scalability, which makes it the leading choice for companies with complex, global supply chains to manage.

Additional features of the upgraded solution include Priority Solving, an enhancement that makes it easier and faster to develop new planning models to rapidly adapt to changes in supply network conditions.

Infors Supply Chain Management solutions enable the worlds leading companies to improve their profitability, competitiveness and growth through network design, demand and supply chain planning, manufacturing optimization, warehousing, transportation management and supply chain analytics. By synchronizing cycles of demand, supply and replenishment, Infors solutions allow our customers to get their product to their customers quickly and cost-effectively.

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