Molex FlexPlane Optical Circuitry Provides High-Density Optical Routing on PCBs or Backplanes

LISLE, Ill. - June 27, 2008 - Molex Incorporated (NASDAQ: MOLX and MOLXA) introduces new routing configurations to the FlexPlane(TM) optical flex circuitry for high fiber-count interconnects in backplanes and cross-connect systems. One of the most dense and versatile interconnect systems on the market today, Molex's FlexPlane provides a completely customizable means of routing fiber from card-to-card or shelf-to-shelf.

A variety of interconnects, including Blind Mate MTP (BMTP(TM)), High Density Blind Mate MT (HBMT(TM)), Blind Mate LC (BLC(TM)) and Blind Mate SC (BSC(TM)) can be used to connect the optical flex circuits to individual cards in a shelf. Available in any routing scheme, fiber can be routed point-to-point, in a shuffle, or in a logical pattern to meet specific requirements.

FlexPlane is available in multiple design options, including standard, flame-retardant and 3D configurations.

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