Molecular Tracers protect against counterfeiting.

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AmpaTrace(TM) adds distinct signatures to masterbatches, allowing flexible and rigid plastic packaging to be evaluated at any point in supply chain to resolve security, quality, and liability issues. Readily measured by standard laboratory analytical tools, tracers contain compounds that comply with FDA food contact regulations and do not affect package performance or appearance. Protective technology can be used alone or in multi-level traceability system.

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Ampacet Offers Molecular Tracers for Packaging

AmpaTrace(TM) Gives Packagers Distinct Signatures to Address Security, Counterfeiting and Quality

Tarrytown, NY, June 13, 2005 - In response to the growing call for traceability in food, beverage, drug and cosmetic packaging, the Ampacet Corporation has introduced AmpaTrace(TM) molecular tracers which add distinct signatures to the company's masterbatches. The tracers allow flexible and rigid plastic packaging to be evaluated at any point in the supply chain to help resolve security, counterfeiting, quality, liability and other issues.

AmpaTrace technology varies the type, proportion and concentration of special compounds in Ampacet masterbatches to create fingerprints that are readily measured by standard laboratory analytical tools. The technology can be applied to both rigid and flexible plastic packaging made by blow and injection molding, extrusion and other processing methods. All compounds used in AmpaTrace comply with FDA food contact regulations and will not affect package performance or appearance.

Manufacturers can signal the presence of AmpaTrace technology as a deterrent by flagging it on their packaging. Specifically, this involves the use of an AmpaTrace logo and the statement: "The authenticity of this package is protected by the presence of AmpaTrace(TM) molecular tracers."

"Manufacturers can apply AmpaTrace identifiers alone or as part of a multi-level traceability system in conjunction with bar codes, digital tags, product taggants and other elements," says Rich Novomesky, Market Manager. "It can be used for many trace and authentication purposes. For example, it can help identify counterfeit products and, in litigation, it can help identify the source of ingredients in a package. It also can aid quality by validating that a package contains the right Ampacet colorants or additives at the level specified."

Ampacet works with manufacturers to tailor AmpaTrace molecular signatures to their packaging needs. These tracers are then added to the color and additive masterbatches used by these manufacturers. The company also provides analytical services to identify the molecular tracer in a package, if needed.

About Ampacet
Ampacet Corporation is the world's largest volume global masterbatch supplier and offers the broadest range of custom color, special effect, black, white, and specialty additive masterbatches for extrusion, molding, and a multitude of other processes and applications. Founded in 1937, it now employs more than 1,400 people and has revenues exceeding $625 million. Headquartered in Tarrytown, N.Y., Ampacet Corporation operates technical and color development centers and manufacturing sites throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

For more information on AmpaTrace molecular tracers, contact: Rich Novomesky, Ampacet Corporation, 660 White Plains Rd., Tarrytown, NY 10591. Tel: (914)631-6600. E-mail: Or visit:

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